The Stamp Of Approval

Now you may wonder what a Stamp of Approval is? But the funny thing is, we all have a stamp of approval. How we use it and how effective it is, determines it’s impact on a person. I came across it on last week’s HIMYM episode (yea, I’m a total rip-off) and I thought this is SO true. We all do it so why not blog about it? 😛

A stamp of approval is basically you suggesting something to an individual before it became cool or suggesting a really good band/hotel/restaurant in general. Or it could be suggesting NOT to do something or not to wear something to someone.

Now let’s say you went to a restaurant and liked the food there. Your friend who comes in town next week wants to dine at a decent place and so you suggest him that restaurant. Now that restaurant has your stamp of approval for him. If he likes the food? your stamp of approval worked and he’ll trust your judgement more next time. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll probably not give as much importance to your judgement next time. You suggest a book next time and he’ll probably think it won’t be that good, coming from you.

It’s all about how good your stamp of approval is and how frequently you use it. You can’t just recommend anything and everything, but stuff that you think is good. A positive side on the stamp of approval chart and you’ll feel good. A negative side and you probably don’t get appreciated half as much.

It can be an annoying thing too though. I recall Suggesting a lot of cool songs to my friends, WAY before they became popular and anyone knew about them. One such instance was Love The Way You Life By Rihanna and Eminem. I heard it the second day, it was officially online and back then? NO one had a clue. The CD wasn’t even out yet (a month left for it to come out) and I heard the song and I was like “woaah, this is GOOD” and I shared it with a few friends. Send them Youtube links and they were like “oh, it’s alright. Nothing special”

Fast forward a month ahead and the song was everywhere and the SAME kids who didn’t like it as much back then, were singing it all the time and by that time? I was over it. It was annoying, but nice in a way that I approved of a song WAY before it was cool and it made it big 😀 but sucked at the same time that they were too mainstream and wanted to follow the “current” trend and like it because it was the “In” thing.

Like any other person, you feel proud when a show you suggest is liked by someone. A place to eat you suggested is complimented. You don’t own the place and nor the show is linked to you in any way, but that stamp of approval almost makes it “YOUR” thing. Could be your favourite show or book. Regardless to say, you’d feel good about it. I started TVD, because StupidlyAwesome suggested it to me and it had her stamp of approval in a way. I love it now and I’m glad she suggested it. I recall listening to a few artists I’d never heard of, through friends and falling in love instantly. Youtube channels, videos, you name it. So I think these stamps can be an awesome thing and it really helps people broaden their horizon on the various options out there (approved by you ofcourse)

Things that’ll always have my stamp of approval? The Harry Potter Series (duh), Backstreet Boys (I’ve heard them practically my whole life so yea, I recommend them a lot) and Ghost Adventures (because a lot of people don’t know about them or watch them) and Mcfly ofcourse to name a few. (Over One Direction. One Direction is overrated).

Stamp of Approval on BSB.

So what are some of your stamps of approval and why? 😀

Take Charge Or Sit Back?

People often want their relationship or friendship to be the best one around. Some work out, some don’t. Now I won’t say there are some hard and fast rules to follow which will let you succeed in what you want and probably increase it’s longevity. Relationships click on minor details that vary from person to person and the interest pertains to these minor things you do. Visual attraction is obviously a part in it, but I think it’s the little intricate things in between that matter and that stick in a person’s memory. Those intricate things that make you smile everyday when you think of that person.

Now I’ve always broadly classified people in relationships into two categories. Now I know there are numerous other ways to divide and classify them into, but for right now? I’m focusing on category 1 : people who take an initiative or category 2 : people who sit back and let things unfold.

Now like I said before, there are no hard and fast rules here. If it applies to person A, it may not apply to person B and so forth. I think the perfect relationship should have a balance of both. I’m not saying you need one partner from each category to combine, but both the partners to have a bit of both category 1 and 2. I’ll take my case for example. I can be super lazy at times. I may think about the person a lot but may not text her or text her much. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Infact I care A LOT. However that may be interpreted differently by the other person and she may just think that I’ve probably forgotten about her. Similiarly, I’d be agitated, If I don’t hear from her for too long. But hey, who’s to say she’s not thinking about and is just as lazy as you are? 😛

So yes, little things like these can spoil a relationship. I think talking is important. Even if it’s for just five minutes a day. You don’t value it that much but yes, even a five minute talk can make you smile when it’s someone special. You feel WAY better. You feel super happy for some reason. There are butterflies in your stomach and you just half wish that you can go back in time and re-live those five minutes again.

Finding and taking time out for someone is important, but at the same time? Don’t be too nagging. I know my male friends who have had girlfriends who constantly text them even when we’re out. Out on an all guys night. Trust me ladies, it can be annoying. Give your partner space and time and he’ll respond. Don’t be overzealous!!

Now different gestures can be interpreted differently. Most guys however don’t like constant nagging though. Most girls? Like if a guy texts first. Cute little sign that he was thinking about you. Having said that? It’s not neccessary that if he doesn’t text you, he isn’t thinking about you.

Finding the right balance between category 1 and category 2 becomes important here because you WANT to let the person know you’re there for them, you want to keep up with how his/her day was and stay in touch, yet you want to give that person space and let things flow. Give the person time to respond and allow that person to talk. Balance between being overzealous to taking that person for granted.

Be it a friend or a crush? Just text her right now and let her/him know you’re around. Ask how they are and it might just cheer you up. P.S – Weekend’s around the corner. That makes it even better 😉 Oh and Spurs won again 😀

It’s A Stereotypical World.

We live in a world full of stereotypes. Most of them happen out of ignorance, some just because of how the media portrays a certain section. You’re made to dislike a particular kind of people or assume that they are filthy or terrorists or illiterate. Which then leads to racism obviously. Most of us won’t realize it, but we do stereotype someone or a country in general. Joking to an extent is fun. I think even I do it at times. The classic pull your eyes wider so they look more slanty and you end up looking like a chinese kid or something 😛

Now let me give you an example. If I ask you to close your eyes and picture an asian kid, you’d probably picture a Chinese/Japanese kid or probably Jackie Chan and you’d have the words “ching chong ching” pop up in your head 😀

Now it’s obvious Asia is diverse and Asians are diverse. Malaysians are Asians, Indians are Asians, Pakistanis are Asians, Maldivians are Asians, Singapore, Vietnam , Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia.  The list is endless. Yet, we tend to picture a very typical Oriental aspect in Chinese/Japanese or Koreans. Now each Country has a stereotype attached to it and the people that belong to there. I don’t know how it started or spread but It’s all around us now.

The Dutch are loud and vulgar, Britishers pompous and arrogant. Americans dumb and fat. Indians smell, drive cabs and run seven-elevens only. Pakistanis are terrorists, so is Afghanistan and well , all the -Stan countries. Middle East has Oil and the sheikhs, they own camels too. Africa is poor. You associate Poverty and The black people there. South America is Soccer and Coffee and beaches. We all do that and we’ve always done that.

You see a Mexican kid? you assume he’d be Jose or Juan. You’d probably start talking about tacos, sombreros. That’s just what we do and we GO to that extent where it gets annoying to everyone. No, Tea and Fish and Chips are not the only thing you associate with England. Russians do a lot more than just drink. It’s these stereotypes that piss me off at times and It’s hard to explain that not ever mexican is a Jose or a Juan.

Stereotypes can then lead to a specific mindset towards a specific race, which then leads to racism and ignorance because you start assuming that a particular race or country has terrorists, a particular country is dumb and so on. Plus it’s annoying because only a bunch of individuals or a minority shouldn’t be held accountable and shouldn’t represent a country or a race. But what the media portrays and what goes mainstream is what a Nation is judged on.

All in all, I think you should give people a chance and get to know them first before jumping on the bandwagon and let OTHERS tell you what the person would be like. No, each individual is different and he’ll have his own set of pros and cons. Find it out for yourself. Don’t look down on people just because they are from particular skin colour or have a different accent or belong to some other Country. We are all humans at the end of the day and the only thing that unites us love.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend. Till then, so long and have a stupidlyawesome week ahead 😉

The Superstition Hypothesis

Superstitions are something that prevail all around us and even though they’re stupid, people still tend to believe in a lot of them. I apologize if you’re a believer but It’s just my opinion. I think a lot of them make no sense and I have no idea how they sprung up to be, but they’ve surely spread around. It’s obviously different for different countries, however certain superstitions prevail worldwide. Now call it ignorance or fear, but they are a part of our lives somehow and someone you know must follow them, or be superstitious. Come on, we all know that relative or relatives who are 😀

Now I for one, don’t believe in them. You’d see a lot of people who go touchwood after they get a reprieve or something lucky happens to them. Now I’ve never quite got the logic behind that. Neither do I do touch-wood or say it. Similiarly, seeing a black cat cross the road? bad omen. Why? Nobody knows.

The most common ones you come across are mirrors breaking or pictures of a loved one falling down and breaking? Bad Omen. Now we often make out things to be far worse than they really are. So a picture falls down, how does that mean it’s something bad for the person in the picture? He’s fine, lying in his bed and all of a sudden he’ll just roll over and fall on the floor? Because a picture of him broke? No, not happening. See, things like that are stupid. Another one that’s prevalent here is the positioning of the house and the features attached to it. They say you shouldn’t have a Mirror facing your bed that is directly in front of it (Who are you going to see? Bloody Mary??) and plus the house entrance and certain features should face a certain direction. Apparently, facing East is the best because the Sun rises from there and it’s a bright start to your day. Stupid logic, stupid superstition.

Some People Can Have Lucky Spots Too

I recall one where when I was growing up, If you walk over a kid lying on the floor, it’s supposed to be a bad thing and it like, stunts the child’s growth. So you have to like reverse the procedure and walk over the kid again to remove the curse or whatever? Funny right?

Now when people follow superstitions, I ask them why they do it, but most of the answers never quite satisfy me. Some of them just do it because it’s passed on and they’re made to think it’s a bad thing.

I to an extent CAN be superstitious but not crazy Superstitious. Generally with guys, it’s about a lucky spot or a lucky charm. I wouldn’t say it’s completely superstitious because you just want to feel like it’s lucky for you. Almost like a lucky number. It’s not really a charm and it certainly doesn’t control what happens, but you just want to believe it. I’ve had it happen a few times with me. While playing cards or poker, I’ve won a lot on certain seats. Then after a complete round? You take out cards to decide which order to sit in again which often means a new seat. Now you may start thinking “Man! I was winning so much on that seat and this seat’s just no good. ” Again a mental thing. I’ve sat in a certain chair and had my favourite team score goals. I’ve gone away maybe to get a snack and seen us concede. Now I know they don’t score or defend according to me and what I do but you still want to believe in things like that sometimes 😛  “I was away, that’s why they conceded. I was making them play so well” -.-

My Super Lucky Spurs Flag.

But yes, in general. They’re pretty funny and laughable. Others that I know of are, if your right palm itches, Guests might be coming. If your left palm itches, That means you’re gonna make money. An Eye twitching is bad. I’m sure there’s something associated with both sets of eyes twitching individually but can’t quite remember it. I know people who put these mask kind of things outside their house to ward of evil eyes.

Have a nice, non superstitious day 😛  *Touches wood*