United State of Pop – 2012

Now I don’t post youtube Videos or songs unless they’re really good or catchy (for me atleast) and this one just takes the cake. DJ Earworm and his Remixes have become a sort of a traditional year end thing now. I heard my first United State of Pop – 2009 and It was amazing. Now for those of you who don’t know about it? DJ Earworm basically takes out a remix at the end of the year, with the top 20 Billboard hits from that particular year, remixed in his own amazing style ofcourse and trust me, it’s usually really good. This year? No different. I’ve heard most of the songs and so when you hear it here? I think it sounds even better. If you like it? Do check out his remixes for the last few years as well. Worth it! 😀

Backstreet Boys – Amazing Lines

Since my last post was on the Backstreet Boys? I was listening to them while I did my last post? and I realised a trend. In every song , or well most of them…they have a line/lines that stand out from the normal flow of the song and have a really deep meaning to it. Be it the way it’s sung or just the lyrics that make you go WOW. Usually a stanza or a couple of lines , but yeah I noticed it and I thought why not share some of the amazing ones I noticed or found? So here they are in no particular order 😀

1. Helpless When She Smiles (Unbreakable)

” I’m a house of cards in a hurricane,
A reckless ride In the pouring rain,
She cuts me and the pain
Is all I wanna feel.. ”

Yepp , deeper than you think it is 😀

2. Fallen Angel (This Is Us)

“The only thing that’s worse than emptiness
Is when your heart’s lost
And the only thing that’s worth the pain
Is the price of what love costs ”

3. Shattered (This Is Us)

“You took my emotions
And scattered them on the ground..
So hard to just pick up and move on with life again. ”

4. I Still (Never Gone)

” Now look at me,
Instead of moving on, I refuse to see
That I keep coming back
yeah, I’m stuck in a moment
That wasn’t meant to last… ”

5. Just Want You To Know (Never Gone)

“All the doors are closing I’m tryin’ to move ahead
And deep inside I wish it’s me instead..
My dreams are empty from the day, the day you slipped away.. ”

Some deep line huh?

6. Nowhere To Go (Unbreakable)

” Tryin’ to make nothing out of something
Promise myself I wouldn’t care
Maybe you’re making me a liar , cause I’m….sitting here… ”

7. One In a Million (Unbreakable)

“Wish I could tell her , You’re one in a million
You’re going the distance, babe
You’re gonna work it out someday
I wish I could tell her
You’re one in a million
But you never even look my way… ”

8. Quit Playing Games With My Heart ( Backstreet Boys)

” I live my life the way
To keep you comin’ back to me
Everything I do is for you
So what is it that you can’t see??? ”

9. Love Will Keep You Up All Night (Unbreakable)

” I won’t tell nobody
I’ll just scream it in my mind
Nothing good in life is scripted
It’s not like we predicted
That the one you want
Is gonna be the one you thought…. ”

Sure , sounds a little sad and depressing but In context of the song? it’s amazing 😀

So here I have a few examples where these lines had deeper meaning and somehow didnt go with the flow of the song , stood out in some way and just made you remember them 😀 I bet you have certain lines from songs that stick out for you , so I’d love to hear them out. Post in the comments section if you have the same idea and If there’s a response , I might do a part 2 to this. Keep blogging and keep smiling 😛