The Pit

Now “The Pit” is an interesting portion of our head. Obviously it’s a made up place, but it’s got a significance and a meaning for everyone. EVERYONE has a pit, a pit where they’d like to throw that certain someone and trap them. Now let me explain it to you what it really means. Ever had that one person in your life who you’re obsessed with? You’re obsessed about proving them wrong about you or proving them wrong in general. He/she irritates you to the core and you’re always hell-bent on making sure you get the upperhand on it. If there’s a debate? you’d want to be pitted against that person and obviously win against him/her. You’d want to prove you’re superior to that person, every time you get a chance. Be it change a mindset that he has about you, prove something or just that you can’t stand their guts.

Now this pit is symbolical of the pit in the Silence of The Lambs and it literally signifies you “throwing” someone down that pit and trapping them down there. See them suffer, while you look down upon them and laugh. So do you have someone in your pit? I know I’ve had a couple of students I’ve competed with neck to neck and we’d exchange pleasantries but deep down inside, I couldnt stand them. They were annoying kids who pretended they knew it all. Showed off and I for once wanted to show them that it’s not always THEM who is going to come first in class (I know, silly school fights) but I recall I did a few times and the look on their faces was priceless.

As of now? I can’t really think of my pit target right now. I’d like to prove a point to a few people but can’t really think of them. Another great thing about this pit is that sometimes you’ll have a hard time figuring who that person is but as soon as they show up in front of you, you just know it and you want him/her down there, suffering 😉

“Sometimes in life you’ll make a pit for someone in your mind, but ultimately the only one in that pit is yourself. Which means, there is only one person who can let you out of the pit.”

More often then not, this pit can be a harmful thing and you’ll ultimately end up in the pit yourself. Now it’s upto you to get yourself out of the pit by letting go of the person who you hate/proving a point to/are jealous of and be proud of what you do and achieve or just acknowledge what the other person does. I think acknowledging would be hard and painful 😛 So I’d stick to the “stop proving a point” bit. Remember, only you can get yourself out of the pit, by letting go. It’s hard to let go of people in life at times, but sometimes? You just have to.

Have a nice last couple of days of 2012 😀