Why Do We Hate Change?

Everyone hates change whether you admit it or not, unless ofcourse you’re still 10 and you want change. You want to grow up or your life’s just miserable. However,  for most part we resist change be it at work or at home and pretty much everywhere around you where you feel comfortable. We as humans can be really insecure about the people around us and the people we care about. Similiarily? we get attached to the things around us. The things and objects that are connected to us. Let’s say you’ve been sitting on the same bench everyday at a park for the past two years. One day you go there and the bench is gone. They took it away because they wanted to beautify the park or something. You’ll surely feel weird and feel like something’s missing. Sitting somewhere else just won’t feel right for a while. Similiarly at school. You grow accustomed to sitting near certain people and at certain places so when you DO have to sit alone or not where you usually sat? it sucks. It really does.

We all hate it. Even the minor things. Things being shifted here and there. I don’t know about others but I hate it when things in my room end up where they shouldn’t be. It’s just me and I don’t want them ending up somewhere else even if it’s sorted nicely. Same with the things I use. My PC’s wallpaper is about a year old now I think. I’m too lazy to change it and i’ve also grown accustomed to it. Seeing it everytime whenever I DO us my PC. Tried changing it a couple of times but the new one just looked odd and it didn’t feel right- Whoosh. I was back to the old one again 😀

So yes, we try to resist it whenever we can. Be it people or things we hate it. I don’t want people to change either but it happens and relationships turn sour. People don’t stay who they were say a year ago and you can’t cope up with that fact. You fall into a routine and a habit of doing certain things and when it’s taken away? you feel empty.

Let’s just take a simple example. The internet. Your wi-fi screws up and it’s a Sunday so it can’t be fixed and you have to wait a whole day before actually having any chance of gettin it fixed. Now for people who obviously spent 3-4 hours on the net wouldn’t know what to do and where to go. Things around you don’t seem that interesting and you just want it fixed. Sure changes maybe for the better but it takes us time to acclimatise to the new surroundings or people. You leave your old house and sure the new one might be amazing. It could be the most amazing house you’ve seen but you’ll still miss your old house/room/bed. Whatever you had.

It’s a fact of life. We want things to be static because we feel comfortable around it. No risks and no danger. It’s where we feel protected with the people we know around us in a safe environment. The same routine and the same people. Like I said, we can be insecure about a lot of things and we try resisting it as much as we can. Life sadly doesn’t work that way and you have to give up at some point. Let go of old toys (I still have a few stocked up that I just refuse to let go and maybe a few clothes) and move onto pastures new. We have to leave home at some point in life. Move onto bigger things. A new room, meet new people. You realise that when you step out of school and graduate. There’s a whole new world out there and it can take a toll on you. Sure changes can suck but they make you a stronger, better person and a person who’s maturer by the day. Oh, I just wish people didn’t change. Things stayed the same but it happens and that’s how life is 🙂

I’d love to know the things you refuse to let go of, the people or just a change you hated 😀 Oh and have a nice day fellow blogger. Signing out with a song.

*waves goodbye*