My Christmas Movie List

I know I’m super late but since it’s the festive period, I’ve been busy naturally and I hope you can excuse me on that. I do have a list of movies I usually want to watch during Christmas however. Movies that add to the Christmas-y spirit and leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Movies that remind you what Christmas is all about and it’s not very often that you get time to watch movies with your families or spend time with them anyways.

Just like decorating your home for Christmas and putting up the Christmas tree, buying presents for your loved ones? I rate watching certain Christmas flicks as an important part of the whole celebration and feel around this time of the year. So snuggle in with a loved one, get in your blankets, get your hot chocolate ready and be ready to watch these movies which should (hopefully) leave you smiling by the end of it.

1. HOME ALONE 1 & 2

If you haven’t seen the Home Alone series then you probably haven’t enjoyed Christmas like you should have. For me? Home Alone is a movie you just can’t miss around Christmas. I’ve grown up watching it since I was about 7 or 8 and every year after that, I’d watch it around Christmas. It’s sweet, funny and it’s got a message in it as to how important your family is. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this movie anymore than I do right now and year after year, the fun and excitement of watching it stays the same. Really makes you value Christmas and the time around it. The holiday spirit. So if you’re looking for a good laugh and to spend some time with your family? This (these incase you want to watch both parts) is the movie to watch.


Love Actually is a movie I was introduced to very recently. About a fortnight back I’d say and I’m surprised as to how I hadn’t seen it before. With a star-cast that includes Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Kiera Knightley, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth and a host of other British actors (a fair few Harry Potter actors too) you just can’t miss it, can you?

Love actually just like any other rom-com tries to make you laugh, smile and make you notice how Love is all around us. An intertwined tale of 8 different couples/individuals and how they go on about things, coupled with Christmas in it. Love and Christmas combined? You just can’t go wrong there. A really sweet movie that should make you smile at some point or the other and gives a really subtle message at the same time. Must watch if you want a smile 🙂


Jingle All The Way would probably be my second most favourite movie after Home Alone during Christmas. I loved Arnold Schwarzenegger in it and it was one of his best works for me. Again, another 90’s movie that’s tailor-made for kids and teens alike and really makes you a kid again. If you are an adult? It’ll still have the same effect because it’s just that sweet. I remember being envious of the kid and his “Turbo-Man” toy and how I always wanted one. I know Terminator really made Arnold cool but for me? Jingle All The Way was the one which made me really like him.

Again a movie about bonding over Christmas and it’s got a good Christmas vibe to it that’ll make you feel happy and content at the end of it.


The Santa Clause, like the name suggests is all about Santa, Christmas, The North Pole and pretty much everything you’d associate with, around Christmas. A 90’s flick with a fair hint of nostalgia attached to it, but a cute fun movie that has it’s fair share of laughter, joy, carols and excitement. I don’t think you need to be a particular age to enjoy it because it should make you a child again or atleast take you back in time.

I hope you guys enjoy my list and can view a few if not all of them and enjoy your Christmas day and break. I’d love to hear from you which movies you watched or like watching around Christmas and any I should catch up on?

Have a very Merry Christmas and be a good boy/girl because you don’t want coal, do you? 😉 Merry Christmas.



I See Dead People..

I’m just kidding. I really don’t. I was watching The Sixth Sense a few hours back and It’s been a movie I’ve put off for a while , for some reason or the other. I’m glad I finally saw it today and it WAS amazing. M. Night Shyamalan? Take a bow. I can easily say Signs and this are his greatest works yet. Even though I haven’t seen all his movies so far? I’m presuming safely though. What however the movie touches on is the fact that this kid can see dead people and spirits walking around and they even talk to him.

It was a psychological thriller alright! Gave me the kick and sure kept me guessing. What it also had , just like what most psychological thrillers do is that it had a deeper meaning attached to it. The kinds you understand better on a second viewing and a topic that people haven’t really thought of much. If I’ve spoilt your viewing experience? I apologise 😛

However for me , it’s something that’s actually out there. There’ll be some odd kid or person who CAN see spirits or communicate with them. If not see them visually? feel their presence and here , we’re talking about anything from a Psychic to a medium. Believe it or not , it’s a gift for some and they’re just born with it. Now I know most people won’t believe in the whole spirits thing and how these so called mediums can “see” them or tell exactly what happened in a house years back just by focusing on the said surroundings. Now I’m not a an avid believer of most of them , but however there are certain individuals who are genuinely gifted and have this in them. People who DO realise and know how to handle it can be fine but those who don’t? It’s almost a spiritual handicap. A handicap that you can’t really describe and no one’s going to believe you or help you. Imagine you being able to feel the presence of someone in the room but you know no one else around you will and can’t. No one else around you believes it when you tell them. It’s a scary prospect.

You ever feel the prickly things on the back of your neck? And the tiny hairs on your arm, you know when they stand up? That’s them. When they get mad… it gets cold – Cole Sear

The other aspect is how if spirits exist , they exist because they’re trapped and left behind due to some unexpected cause. Hence? to help them get “through” and make sure they eventually cease to exist altogether? I believe these people with such special talents are born who can feel them or even see them around. To help them and to guide them through. Everyone’s there for a reason and everyone’s got a specific goal in life.

You know how they say , follow your dreams? Do what you’re good at? Now we all know how we barely follow that rule and we get into jobs that pay well , instead of something that actually drives us on and gives us joy. I believe everyone’s good at something and everyone’s got a special talent. It’s all connected and it all fits. If spirits exist? these so called “Special people” exist to communicate with them and help them through. It all fits. They have no business seeing things others can’t. So why can they? Funny right?

For all we know , they could be around you. Watching you read this. Think about it 🙂

P.S –> Watch the movie for all those who haven’t. Trust me , you’ll be amazed.

The Shawshank Redemption.

Just got done watching this classic of a movie again and my opinion hasn’t really changed. It’s still as epic as it was when I first saw it. Infact , I probably like it more now than I ever did. I guess that’s the case with everyone and how on repeated viewings. You start noticing the finer details in a movie. The intricate things you’d miss otherwise which might or might not make you go “WOW” but sure add to the depth. So why IS this movie rated the best ever on IMDB? Morgan Freeman’s voice. I kid , I kid. Yes , the whole narration is enthralling and captivates you. Morgan Freeman’s voice is nothing short of a treat of the highest order. But not only the voice , the script was subtle , yet had a deeper meaning attached to it. The symbolism attached to it. The underlying metaphors and the underlying theme which stood throughout the movie ” Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

Now I’m no critic so I won’t delve too deep into the secrets which make this such a good watch. However , what I can tell you is that it’s a movie you should really watch atleast once. I personally found it amazing the first time I saw it , but not worthy of the title of being the “best movie ever”. It was terrific , the actors got into their characters and you could literally feel their pain. The emotion after being incarcerated at a prison for so many years. What makes it such a great watch though is not the score or the actors or the meticulously chiseled screenplay , but abstract themes like hope and freedom and something as simple as hope in a place like that can keep you going. Can drive you on to succeed and make amends. All in all , a movie that sure makes you feel good after you’re done viewing it and sure it may not have the flair of a Pulp Fiction or a Fight Club , it’s simplicity adds so much more to it than a more pompous presentation of it would. Looking back at it now? I CAN see why it’s been such a hit and why it’s got so many people thrilled and amazed by the sheer brilliance it carries.

Here’s the link if you desire to watch it 😀 —> The Shawshank Redemption <—–