The Stamp Of Approval

Now you may wonder what a Stamp of Approval is? But the funny thing is, we all have a stamp of approval. How we use it and how effective it is, determines it’s impact on a person. I came across it on last week’s HIMYM episode (yea, I’m a total rip-off) and I thought this is SO true. We all do it so why not blog about it? 😛

A stamp of approval is basically you suggesting something to an individual before it became cool or suggesting a really good band/hotel/restaurant in general. Or it could be suggesting NOT to do something or not to wear something to someone.

Now let’s say you went to a restaurant and liked the food there. Your friend who comes in town next week wants to dine at a decent place and so you suggest him that restaurant. Now that restaurant has your stamp of approval for him. If he likes the food? your stamp of approval worked and he’ll trust your judgement more next time. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll probably not give as much importance to your judgement next time. You suggest a book next time and he’ll probably think it won’t be that good, coming from you.

It’s all about how good your stamp of approval is and how frequently you use it. You can’t just recommend anything and everything, but stuff that you think is good. A positive side on the stamp of approval chart and you’ll feel good. A negative side and you probably don’t get appreciated half as much.

It can be an annoying thing too though. I recall Suggesting a lot of cool songs to my friends, WAY before they became popular and anyone knew about them. One such instance was Love The Way You Life By Rihanna and Eminem. I heard it the second day, it was officially online and back then? NO one had a clue. The CD wasn’t even out yet (a month left for it to come out) and I heard the song and I was like “woaah, this is GOOD” and I shared it with a few friends. Send them Youtube links and they were like “oh, it’s alright. Nothing special”

Fast forward a month ahead and the song was everywhere and the SAME kids who didn’t like it as much back then, were singing it all the time and by that time? I was over it. It was annoying, but nice in a way that I approved of a song WAY before it was cool and it made it big 😀 but sucked at the same time that they were too mainstream and wanted to follow the “current” trend and like it because it was the “In” thing.

Like any other person, you feel proud when a show you suggest is liked by someone. A place to eat you suggested is complimented. You don’t own the place and nor the show is linked to you in any way, but that stamp of approval almost makes it “YOUR” thing. Could be your favourite show or book. Regardless to say, you’d feel good about it. I started TVD, because StupidlyAwesome suggested it to me and it had her stamp of approval in a way. I love it now and I’m glad she suggested it. I recall listening to a few artists I’d never heard of, through friends and falling in love instantly. Youtube channels, videos, you name it. So I think these stamps can be an awesome thing and it really helps people broaden their horizon on the various options out there (approved by you ofcourse)

Things that’ll always have my stamp of approval? The Harry Potter Series (duh), Backstreet Boys (I’ve heard them practically my whole life so yea, I recommend them a lot) and Ghost Adventures (because a lot of people don’t know about them or watch them) and Mcfly ofcourse to name a few. (Over One Direction. One Direction is overrated).

Stamp of Approval on BSB.

So what are some of your stamps of approval and why? 😀