Take Charge Or Sit Back?

People often want their relationship or friendship to be the best one around. Some work out, some don’t. Now I won’t say there are some hard and fast rules to follow which will let you succeed in what you want and probably increase it’s longevity. Relationships click on minor details that vary from person to person and the interest pertains to these minor things you do. Visual attraction is obviously a part in it, but I think it’s the little intricate things in between that matter and that stick in a person’s memory. Those intricate things that make you smile everyday when you think of that person.

Now I’ve always broadly classified people in relationships into two categories. Now I know there are numerous other ways to divide and classify them into, but for right now? I’m focusing on category 1 : people who take an initiative or category 2 : people who sit back and let things unfold.

Now like I said before, there are no hard and fast rules here. If it applies to person A, it may not apply to person B and so forth. I think the perfect relationship should have a balance of both. I’m not saying you need one partner from each category to combine, but both the partners to have a bit of both category 1 and 2. I’ll take my case for example. I can be super lazy at times. I may think about the person a lot but may not text her or text her much. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Infact I care A LOT. However that may be interpreted differently by the other person and she may just think that I’ve probably forgotten about her. Similiarly, I’d be agitated, If I don’t hear from her for too long. But hey, who’s to say she’s not thinking about and is just as lazy as you are? 😛

So yes, little things like these can spoil a relationship. I think talking is important. Even if it’s for just five minutes a day. You don’t value it that much but yes, even a five minute talk can make you smile when it’s someone special. You feel WAY better. You feel super happy for some reason. There are butterflies in your stomach and you just half wish that you can go back in time and re-live those five minutes again.

Finding and taking time out for someone is important, but at the same time? Don’t be too nagging. I know my male friends who have had girlfriends who constantly text them even when we’re out. Out on an all guys night. Trust me ladies, it can be annoying. Give your partner space and time and he’ll respond. Don’t be overzealous!!

Now different gestures can be interpreted differently. Most guys however don’t like constant nagging though. Most girls? Like if a guy texts first. Cute little sign that he was thinking about you. Having said that? It’s not neccessary that if he doesn’t text you, he isn’t thinking about you.

Finding the right balance between category 1 and category 2 becomes important here because you WANT to let the person know you’re there for them, you want to keep up with how his/her day was and stay in touch, yet you want to give that person space and let things flow. Give the person time to respond and allow that person to talk. Balance between being overzealous to taking that person for granted.

Be it a friend or a crush? Just text her right now and let her/him know you’re around. Ask how they are and it might just cheer you up. P.S – Weekend’s around the corner. That makes it even better 😉 Oh and Spurs won again 😀

Love Is Easy

I usually post songs with lyrics but with this one? I just had to post the official Video because it’s just THAT cute. So yes, Love is easy. It’s as easy as you make it to be. People tend to over-think it, at times but at the end of the day? You just have to follow your heart and everything falls into place. Or well, even if it doesn’t? Give it a shot because you deserve it and you deserve that happiness. It’s an amazing feeling 😀

What’s better than Love? Harry, Tom, Danny and Dougie singing about it. So do give it a check and have a nice week ahead 😉

Loving Your Parents

They say you never know what you’ve got until you lose it. I don’t think people value this quote as much as they should. We take things for granted in life sadly. Even the people we truly care about. Well , they DO say you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but the truth is you DO know what you’ve got. You just think you’d never lose it. Life is hectic and everyone’s all clogged up in what they do and should be doing in life to be someone. To earn. You parents are busy earning money for who? YOU. You are busy studying or working probably to get a half decent life for yourself too and start a family. We’re all busy doing our own thing. Yes, we’ve got our family around us but we seldom give them the time we should, right?

Now I know it’s not possible to skip college and sit at home with your parents or to skip work and stay home to spend time with them. That would just be stupid. But what you can do is to give them time when you do have time. When you’re free from work. Not at college. Not a lot, but just spend an hour with them. Eat dinner with them or just ask them how their day was. It’ not like you’re a stranger to them, or they’re a stranger to you right? You can talk and spend some time.

No one expects and wants their parents to let go and perish but that’s the rule of nature and it will happen someday. For most of us, I hope it’s after many many years when we’re old and our bones are weak and our parents are even older and weaker. Everyone deserves to die in their own bed, gone ever so peacefully. Almost like if they are sleeping. Either ways, it’s a reality you have to face at some point in life but we don’t think about it.

What I just want a lot of you do is to introspect and think about it. Are you spending enough time with your parents and family? Just think about it. All the things you won’t be able to do say if your dad was gone or your mom was gone? It’d leave a void in my life for sure. There are so many things mom does so well for me. She can sort out my room in a jiffy when I’m too lazy to sort it out myself. She still knows where my clothes and shoes are and can magically find them when I can’t. They just appear out of nowhere when she tries to find them. I have no idea how 😛

Dad’s amazing at what he does. Always sits down with me when I watch sports with my brother and he just blends right in even if he doesn’t watch that sport. Offers a drink and encourages me when I’m down. Motivates me to do well or to study and guides me on what I should do. Things I would never be able to do alone. As we grow up, we start to value other things and people around us more. You’d probably spend more time out with friends than family but caring about your family is just as important if not more because once they’re gone? It’s never coming back. So live each day happily and love. Love fiercely and let your parents know that you really, really love them. Thank them whenever you can, because your parents have done so much in life for you and the least you can do is to pay them back.

It saddens me when I see really old parents living alone or in some old age home. They raised their children with love and their own children can’t afford them a room in their house or a house to live in?



Even a hug every other day or a moment shared with them can make them smile and let them know that even though you’ve grown, you’re still their little child and you’ll still love them just as much because your parents never stopped loving you and never will. Why should you?

Hope you guys have a nice day 😀

Are You The Rule Or The Exception?

Life’s a rollercoaster. We’re all clear about that bit. You’re going to have your fair share of ups and downs. Now sure, certain people will disagree and tell you that they’re probably coming off worse and that their “down” or the bad phase just doesn’t seem to end. Trust me, it will. Nothing’s static in life and people change. Circumstances change and there are numerous outcomes to just a single decision you take. Infact, there’s a different outcome for SO many of the decisions you take and they don’t just affect you, they affect a multitude of people interconnected. Friends of Friends, their friends and relationships can be pretty dependent in some odd way (It may sound crazy, but yes) 😀

We all want someone in life for us though. Someone who listens to us, someone who shares our joy and pain. Someone we can look forward to talking with. Someone who makes you smile even if it’s just a 5 minute talk. We all look for that someone in life. It’s a constant process and even if you don’t admit it? subconsciously, we all do. We’re all looking for that one. That person who makes you feel secure and good about yourself. If you already have a crush? you look forward to him/her. You look forward to talking to them again and it may seem like ages when you wait for a reply back. You hear their name and you smile. Their favourite song or any song related to both of you? makes you smile. We’re all looking for that feeling. That’s just how we are. Even when we aren’t? When we don’t have a crush? We’ll look for him or her subconsciously. Be it a cute guy sitting opposite to you at the cafe. The cute girl smiling at you at the bus stop or that sweet guy in class who you never seem to get to talk to. For some? they have their “special one” chosen. For others? it’s just a subconscious hunt. I repeat, everyone does that whether you realise it or not. No Exceptions.

” So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he genuinely doesn’t give a shit. No exceptions. “

Now people broadly come under two categories when they look for that someone. Either you’re the dreamer, the one who sees signs. Every little sign at that or the one who takes it slow and tries to avoid attachments until he or she wants it or is ready. They wait for you but make a choice only when they want to. Category one ? pretty cheerful in general. A lot of guys fall into this category but if you have yourself a girl in this category? she’s a gem. Most girls don’t make half as much effort and it’s just assumed or it’s the unwritten rule. The Golden rule. Guys make the first move and guys call you. I’d love to shoot the person who made that rule. I wish it wasn’t the case and girls would give it a try too. Having said that, people who fall into the first category be it a guy or a girl (albeit a rare combo) would call you. Plus they believe in signs.  “He said it was nice talking to me” , or “He kept smiling at me in school” or “she called me over to her party and not many school guys are invited”. Now it may be a sign or it may not be one.

We just want to believe they are and that’s where the eternal optimist shines through. The thought of it being a signal that he likes you or she likes you, makes you happy and makes you smile. Category don’t try half as hard and definately don’t believe in signs. They don’t get overly attached and when they DO get signs? they tend to overlook it or ignore it. Exceptions are available. In general though, they’ll make an effort only when they think it’s right or they find it comforting. Otherwise you’d find them nice but not moving up a level or making an effort.

People in the category 2 barely reply back to your texts or take ages. They’ll be nice to you, but never move up a notch. Show interest. Agree to go out on a date or a movie. Even if they do like you? they’ll try to make themselves believe they don’t and act at their own pace. Act when they’re ready. I think every relationship’s got one of each. The one who always initiates things and the other who does feel the same way about you but may not express it just as much or know HOW to express it. Group 1 tries to see the positive side. “Alright, he didn’t call me. Why not??? maybe he had work or he lost my number…or he must be sick. Yea” .. Or? He just didn’t want to call.

” Now If a person in group two wants to make things work. He/she WILL make it work. No exceptions. If they cheat on you? they genuinely don’t care about you. If they don’t make an effort? they don’t want you. That’s the rule. The exception? when they realise what they’ve lost out on and they make amends. Change”

So what category do YOU fall into? Do you notice the signs? do you believe that special someone can be read through how he/she behaves and acts? or you wait for things to happen? Are you the rule? Or the exception? 😀

P.S –> Happy Birthday StupidlyAwesome 🙂