God Loving Or God Fearing?

I recently saw this Indian movie on this topic and I thought it sent out a pretty meaningful message across to the people. I won’t go into the intricate details but I’ll let you know what it was based on. Now for me, people fall into two categories. Category 1 is where they genuinely believe in God and do something, because they love God. They’ve always done it because they’re thankful for the life they have, what they’ve got and the day that’s been bestowed upon them. Category 2 has people who pray because they wish, for something or pray because they wish to appease God. In a nutshell – God Loving or God Fearing.

I’m not sure what category I’d come into because I’ve done things from both categories at times. I love God and I’ve always believed in him (or them for certain religions having multiple Gods) and I’m thankful for what I have. The life that I have. I know it’s not perfect but heck, no one’s life is. NO ONE. It saddens me when people who are perfectly normal, filthy rich or have everything most people won’t have want to whine over something that is almost insignificant for others. Especially teenagers who want to end their lives because they lost a boyfriend/girlfriend or because they feel they’re alone or their best friend “backstabbed” them. Well, think of it this way. What about Cancer patients, dying in hospitals. Blind people, deaf people. People who are amputated? They still have the will to live on and they really value life. Why can’t you? When you have the best facilities. You go to school, you have food on the table and a house to live in. Why can’t you value that fact?

So yes, I’ve been thankful for what I have. I’ve been sad at times, sad over the things/people I’ve lost but you often don’t thank God when you GET something. You just think of him when you DON’T get something and then you curse at him and how he’s doing you so wrong and doing you harm. I barely go to a Temple to pray, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love God or I’m not thankful enough. I don’t believe in going to church to pray. I think you can pray anywhere and be thankful anywhere. The number of times you go to the church doesn’t determine that. Infact I’ve seen people who pray all the time and preach how “spiritually pure” they are, do stuff that’s really wrong.

I don’t think you should expect much, just hope you get it. Yes, I’ve prayed for a team win at times, prayed I get my crush in school. I think we all do. Prayed that we get an A* or something. As long as we don’t pray to God just to get out a favour? It’s not bad. Even if you are an atheist? Just take out two minutes and just acknowledge what you have. Cherish it and know it’s value. For all those who do believe in God? Pray to thank what you have. Just believe that things will fall into place, even if they aren’t. We all have bad days, followed by amazing days where everything falls into place. That’s life. Just live it and enjoy it.

Have a nice week 😀