My Christmas Movie List

I know I’m super late but since it’s the festive period, I’ve been busy naturally and I hope you can excuse me on that. I do have a list of movies I usually want to watch during Christmas however. Movies that add to the Christmas-y spirit and leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Movies that remind you what Christmas is all about and it’s not very often that you get time to watch movies with your families or spend time with them anyways.

Just like decorating your home for Christmas and putting up the Christmas tree, buying presents for your loved ones? I rate watching certain Christmas flicks as an important part of the whole celebration and feel around this time of the year. So snuggle in with a loved one, get in your blankets, get your hot chocolate ready and be ready to watch these movies which should (hopefully) leave you smiling by the end of it.

1. HOME ALONE 1 & 2

If you haven’t seen the Home Alone series then you probably haven’t enjoyed Christmas like you should have. For me? Home Alone is a movie you just can’t miss around Christmas. I’ve grown up watching it since I was about 7 or 8 and every year after that, I’d watch it around Christmas. It’s sweet, funny and it’s got a message in it as to how important your family is. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving this movie anymore than I do right now and year after year, the fun and excitement of watching it stays the same. Really makes you value Christmas and the time around it. The holiday spirit. So if you’re looking for a good laugh and to spend some time with your family? This (these incase you want to watch both parts) is the movie to watch.


Love Actually is a movie I was introduced to very recently. About a fortnight back I’d say and I’m surprised as to how I hadn’t seen it before. With a star-cast that includes Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Kiera Knightley, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Colin Firth and a host of other British actors (a fair few Harry Potter actors too) you just can’t miss it, can you?

Love actually just like any other rom-com tries to make you laugh, smile and make you notice how Love is all around us. An intertwined tale of 8 different couples/individuals and how they go on about things, coupled with Christmas in it. Love and Christmas combined? You just can’t go wrong there. A really sweet movie that should make you smile at some point or the other and gives a really subtle message at the same time. Must watch if you want a smile πŸ™‚


Jingle All The Way would probably be my second most favourite movie after Home Alone during Christmas. I loved Arnold Schwarzenegger in it and it was one of his best works for me. Again, another 90’s movie that’s tailor-made for kids and teens alike and really makes you a kid again. If you are an adult? It’ll still have the same effect because it’s just that sweet. I remember being envious of the kid and his “Turbo-Man” toy and how I always wanted one. I know Terminator really made Arnold cool but for me? Jingle All The Way was the one which made me really like him.

Again a movie about bonding over Christmas and it’s got a good Christmas vibe to it that’ll make you feel happy and content at the end of it.


The Santa Clause, like the name suggests is all about Santa, Christmas, The North Pole and pretty much everything you’d associate with, around Christmas. A 90’s flick with a fair hint of nostalgia attached to it, but a cute fun movie that has it’s fair share of laughter, joy, carols and excitement. I don’t think you need to be a particular age to enjoy it because it should make you a child again or atleast take you back in time.

I hope you guys enjoy my list and can view a few if not all of them and enjoy your Christmas day and break. I’d love to hear from you which movies you watched or like watching around Christmas and any I should catch up on?

Have a very Merry Christmas and be a good boy/girl because you don’t want coal, do you? πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas.



Things That Annoy Me : Grammar

I’m not a Grammar Nazi, nor do I intend to be one. Call it poor grammar or poor spellings? Certain words, put into a sentence wrongly can really irk me for some reason. It makes you twitch. Makes you want to correct it or the person. I do that at times, then I have to refrain myself other times cause it may be super rude or annoying if you just keep correcting the other person πŸ˜›

Either ways, I’ve come across a few REALLY common mistakes that people make which may be out of ignorance or they’re just too lazy to use an apostrophe where it’s needed. More often then not? People don’t realise it and they carry on with it anyways.

Your and You’re :

The most common misunderstanding is your and you’re. Now I’ve seen MILLIONS of people write and type your instead of you’re, which obviously changes the meaning completely. Rather, makes it pretty funny.

Your : Your is object specific or belonging specific. Eg. Your car, Your house, your Mother.

You’re : The short form of You are. Eg. You’re late.Β  (You are late)

Now put your in place of you’re and it can be annoying and funny at the same time.

There, Their and They’re :

Next up? It’s There, Their and They’re. Often interchanged at places by plenty of people with hilarious, annoying outcomes. eg. “Guys, there awesome” , “It’s there house”

There : Refers to or pertains to a place. It’s place specific. Eg. I am going there.

Their : like your, it’s belonging specific. Eg. Their car won’t start, You should go to their house.

They’re : Short form of they are. Eg. They’re going home.

Their and there are confusing enough as it is for some people (I have no clue why) and add on they’re (Some people just don’t know what apostrophe’s are for) and it’s a messy affair altogether.

To, Too and Two :

Next up? To and Too. Where to use which one? Now the trick in here is how you say it. Just like the extra “o” in too, you have to remember how you say it. Too pertains to something excessive or an extra amount of something. To on the other hand is a preposition and is used as a word connector.

Too : Eg. Jimmy’s car runs too fast for me to catch up with with mine. His house is too far away from here.

To :Β To be or not to be. (in front of a verb), Go to school (prep)

Now I seem like an English teacher right now, but the incorrect usage of these words, irks me and I know most of you would know the difference and the usage but If you don’t? this should help hopefully. I think there can general confusion at times and so it’s natural to err at times, but either ways. You should be able to get it right now. Sorry if I came across too harsh, but If it helps someone? It’s worth it. Have a nice day πŸ˜€



The Superstition Hypothesis

Superstitions are something that prevail all around us and even though they’re stupid, people still tend to believe in a lot of them. I apologize if you’re a believer but It’s just my opinion. I think a lot of them make no sense and I have no idea how they sprung up to be, but they’ve surely spread around. It’s obviously different for different countries, however certain superstitions prevail worldwide. Now call it ignorance or fear, but they are a part of our lives somehow and someone you know must follow them, or be superstitious. Come on, we all know that relative or relatives who are πŸ˜€

Now I for one, don’t believe in them. You’d see a lot of people who go touchwood after they get a reprieve or something lucky happens to them. Now I’ve never quite got the logic behind that. Neither do I do touch-wood or say it. Similiarly, seeing a black cat cross the road? bad omen. Why? Nobody knows.

The most common ones you come across are mirrors breaking or pictures of a loved one falling down and breaking? Bad Omen. Now we often make out things to be far worse than they really are. So a picture falls down, how does that mean it’s something bad for the person in the picture? He’s fine, lying in his bed and all of a sudden he’ll just roll over and fall on the floor? Because a picture of him broke? No, not happening. See, things like that are stupid. Another one that’s prevalent here is the positioning of the house and the features attached to it. They say you shouldn’t have a Mirror facing your bed that is directly in front of it (Who are you going to see? Bloody Mary??) and plus the house entrance and certain features should face a certain direction. Apparently, facing East is the best because the Sun rises from there and it’s a bright start to your day. Stupid logic, stupid superstition.

Some People Can Have Lucky Spots Too

I recall one where when I was growing up, If you walk over a kid lying on the floor, it’s supposed to be a bad thing and it like, stunts the child’s growth. So you have to like reverse the procedure and walk over the kid again to remove the curse or whatever? Funny right?

Now when people follow superstitions, I ask them why they do it, but most of the answers never quite satisfy me. Some of them just do it because it’s passed on and they’re made to think it’s a bad thing.

I to an extent CAN be superstitious but not crazy Superstitious. Generally with guys, it’s about a lucky spot or a lucky charm. I wouldn’t say it’s completely superstitious because you just want to feel like it’s lucky for you. Almost like a lucky number. It’s not really a charm and it certainly doesn’t control what happens, but you just want to believe it. I’ve had it happen a few times with me. While playing cards or poker, I’ve won a lot on certain seats. Then after a complete round? You take out cards to decide which order to sit in again which often means a new seat. Now you may start thinking “Man! I was winning so much on that seat and this seat’s just no good. ” Again a mental thing. I’ve sat in a certain chair and had my favourite team score goals. I’ve gone away maybe to get a snack and seen us concede. Now I know they don’t score or defend according to me and what I do but you still want to believe in things like that sometimes πŸ˜›Β  “I was away, that’s why they conceded. I was making them play so well” -.-

My Super Lucky Spurs Flag.

But yes, in general. They’re pretty funny and laughable. Others that I know of are, if your right palm itches, Guests might be coming. If your left palm itches, That means you’re gonna make money. An Eye twitching is bad. I’m sure there’s something associated with both sets of eyes twitching individually but can’t quite remember it. I know people who put these mask kind of things outside their house to ward of evil eyes.

Have a nice, non superstitious day πŸ˜›Β  *Touches wood*

The Childhood Stupidity Paradigm

I have no Idea why I used the word paradigm but I don’t know, It sounded cool and I just went with it. If you’re particular with words? Pardon me on the usage but look at that, it looks cool πŸ˜›

Moving back to the topic. It’s this Phenomenon I’ve witnessed year in and year out. Now you generally don’t tend to realize it, unless there’s a flashback which decides to randomly pop up. Generally, it’s no happy flashback and you tend to remember things you did that were just plain stupid and you got embarrassed real good. Now you look back at that you think “Ughh, I was SUCH a fool” or “How was I even doing that??” which often follows with a rage that is often directed towards your former self.Β  But guess what? In a couple of years, you look back again at your former self (this time it’s the present-you) and you find new mistakes or stupid moments.


Let’s just say, we make mistakes and do silly, stupid things every year! We look back at them and wonder who stupid and silly we were and we’re happy with our present self right now. But a year on from now when we look back at this present self? we find a fault or find stupid incidents again. Comebacks we should’ve made in an argument. Things we could have done differently. It’s a never-ending process and more often than not, you get mad when you get these flashbacks πŸ˜€

Now the second way to realize delve into the stupidity paradigm are picture. Pictures of your childhood. Now I’ve seen pictures of right when I was So little I could cuddle up into someone’s arms to pictures of me graduating school just recently, about a year ago. It’s been a whole list of moments and trends I followed and memories attached to them.

Let’s start with 5 year old me. I wore a cap (mom said I’d never let it go and I’d always carry it around or it’d be on my head) and it was purple! What ever happened to my fashion sense back then? I stand disappointed 5 year old me. Just kidding, but still. I looked decent but maybe not that great. Fast forward to when I was 8 and I had glasses already. I suppose it’s a family thing and I got them. These round, plastic-framed glasses (incase I broke them) and I wore matching clothes back then. I remember dressing up then and thinking “Wow, I look dashing” but now? I look at myself and go, wow. What was I THINKING?!?

Moving on to 12 year old me. Same frame, better clothes. I thought I looked really decent back then. Flashback now, I think I looked horrible (still with an upgraded version of my glasses on)

I bet she thought she looked cool

Then came 15 where I thought I looked pretty decent. Or who am I kidding? I thought I looked my best, in school or in general. Well, I saw my 10th class picture yesterday and I admit, I look WEIRD. So It’s a phenomenon where each passing year, you’re satisfied with the current-you and you don’t like the former you. You’re an upgrade on that. Same for me and I think it’s connected with the maturity level you’re at, each year that goes by. Eight-year old you might find those kids cool , for his maturity but It’s stupid for you maturity level right now. Either ways, I’m still happy how I turned out πŸ˜‰

So does this happen to you too? Let me know in the comments section πŸ˜€

Plus I thought I’d share this song, that’s been stuck in my head lately. The kind of song you’d want to blast to, or maybe dirty dance? πŸ˜› Give it a listen! πŸ˜‰

10 Most Annoying Things About Facebook!

I admit we all love Facebook. Even if we don’t admit it? We still do check it out every now and then, check our notifications. See who went where, check out new pictures. Maybe browse a few fan pages, play poker while you’re at it, catch up with a few friends on chat or just do nothing (you heard that), do nothing and just scroll down aimlessly.

Now I don’t have any qualms about it. It sure is fun and a great way to catch up with people. However Facebook has it’s downside too. The annoying aspect to it which bugs us more often than not. Here are a few things that bug me :

1. Underaged kids : I have no friggin idea how these kids have an account on Facebook but they clearly do. Twelve year olds, Ten year olds with their age changed and set to something over 13 and their display pictures consist of cars and celebrities(What are you? Brad Pitt??) Now these kids have no obvious social life and their main motive is to annoy you with silly game requests and to tag you in STUPID pictures.

The eff is this?!

2. The Depressed Kid : No matter how amazing your friend circle is, there’s always that depressed kid who likes all sorts of sad annoying pages and his/her status updates consist of nothing but dreary, drab, depressing content and how his/her life sucks. (Oh, aren’t you the first!!) You WANT to type something and tell him/her to grow up, but more often than not you think better of it. Logging out seems a more viable option.

3. The Attention-grabber : Now I’m no sexist but I think more females fall into this category than males. Be it status updates to pictures that are just crying out for attention. Even if they aren’t? you’d find them on someone else’s wall or someone else’s photo commenting the nicest shit you’ve heard. This often leads to lengthy conversations between female friends that go nowhere and have a lot of kisses, cute words like honey, sweety and reiterations on how much they love each other.

“OMG, you look amazing. We should catch up honey :* xoxo “Β Β  (No she won’t ever catch up and she probably doesn’t mean the compliment)

4. The Let’s-Tag-Everbody dude : This person LOVES tagging people. Be it a picture you don’t even feature in to a picture where you look awful. Now If I wanted a tag? I’d do it myself, wouldn’t I? You don’t HAVE to. Then there are pictures where you don’t even feature but they randomly tag you in. WTH? Why’re you tagging me in a pic of your new car? What am I supposed to do?? Annoying.

5. Gaming Kids : These people have no life and are keen to destroy yours as well. They’ll send you requests upon requests to play games or send them a friggin flower pot for their farm, or a gun in Mafia Wars. Ofcourse it’s handy for people who actually do but for people who don’t play? It’s really annoying.

6. The Kid-Who-Shares-his-life-story : From updates to where he is right now to updates on what is going on. “I’m doing my homework.” “I failed my test. FML ”Β  As a matter of fact, yes. FYL. They feel it’s their duty to update everything. Including their relationship history. From being in a relationship one week to “It’s-complicated” the other to being back in one the next. What are you? Bi-polar??!

You don’t haveΒ  to change it ever so often or display it to the public anyways.

7. The Timeline : I preferred the much simpler Facebook profile version we had say a year back. The timeline and it’s zigzagging pattern with it’s not so great coverage of content makes it almost redundant for me.

8. Random Friend Requests : We have no mutual friends. How the hell did you find me?! Why DO you want to add me? We’ve never talked and you live like 75675 miles away from me. Creepy.

9. Confused Parents : You know it. Parents on FB or relatives for that matter. They’ll do silly thing, spy on you and just make it really tough for you to navigate around in peace. You have to often limit certain parts of your profile to certain relatives and you can’t really kick them out of your list either. There should be an upper age limit. Seriously.

10. Annoying smileys : The latest addition to all things annoying. Smileys in comments. Now they’re everywhere and they aren’t exactly cute either. no I don’t want a smiley in my comment. A regular smile would have sufficed Mr Zuckerberg.

So that’s that. Some of the things that annoy me. You got any more to add? πŸ˜€

Lost Bet!!

Came home after class today and ended up doing something stupid. I agreed on a deal with a friend of mine. It was silly but hey, that’s what we do. We do silly things. We decided to play UNO. Best of five rather and the winner? gets to make the loser do anything. Needless to say? I lost. 5-3. Stupid cards. Urghh. How could they do this to me? They deserted me. Ditched me and now I’m in trouble. Next up? I had to follow up and do something that she told me to do.

Guess what she asks me to do? to blog about something and say something specific. She’s SO got me into trouble, haha πŸ˜€

Ok guys, I have a confession to make.

I…I…Am a big fat gay loser πŸ˜€Β Β  (oh yes I am)
*struts around proudly*

(part of the dare -.- ) Oh lord.

P.S –> If you’re reading this? you’re a dork πŸ˜›

School Memories

*knock knock*



Yes , you there. I’m talking to you. Listen up real close. I want you to close your eyes. Think about your school. Your class. You in your class, with your friends around you. With you. I want you to picture a happy memory, a funny memory or just anything that left an impact and you can’t let go of- from school.

I saw that. Still reading huh? Weren’t your eyes supposed to be closed? CHEATER!!! πŸ˜›Β  I kid.

Did it make you smile though? just thinking about it? Your school? Your class? Your friends? I bet it won’t work for a lot of people. Then again, it’s expected. School is not something we’re grown up to love. Infact, most of us want reasons NOT to go to school. Avoid studying. Avoid all the homework. Avoid waking up early. It was all pretty annoying I’ll admit. Now to put things into perspective and make it more clearer. I’ll take you back in time.

Now every year in school, we used to have this transition day. A day where the pass-outs would get to say goodbye. You’d have new appointments. New prefects and speeches and last goodbyes from the ones who were passing out. Graduating out. Ofcourse you got a farewell party as well but this was more on the lines of passing the guard on? To the next batch of prefects. I remember how the whole senior school attended it. From grade 6th to grade 12th. Everyone was there and you’d have us packed up in our school hall, sitting on chairs and lapping it all up. Taking in the whole occasion. Now me and my friends were never great listeners. Or so, never for things like these. We’d often be busy talking about stuff that could be completely random or something really fun. But yes, we never really paid much attention and we never gave it the due importance. At times when we DID pay attention? it was pretty funny. Speeches from students passing out and how they’d SO miss the school food, studying (bleh), miss the teachers, miss everything around. How it was a second “home” to them and just stuff on that lines. Stuff that made us wonder. We’d often laugh, go- ” I’m definately not gonna be doing that. I mean come on. You are graduating. Finally leaving school. BE HAPPY. Plus who’d miss school? the food? the annoying teachers?”. Year after year, my thoughts never changed. Don’t get me wrong. I loved school. To the extent that I found some great friends there. I would get to meet my friends there everyday. Plus we had some amazing times. Grew up together almost (a lot of them were with me right from the start) so it’s been a journey. As for school? I was never really attached with IT. I’d often want to take an off every other week. Not study. Not wake up early. The homeworks and the stress.

We were sly though. We often planned it out. My whole group (group of friends) used to take a holiday on a fixed day. We’d discuss it and go “alright. Let’s not come tomorrow”. That ways, we’d know we’re not missin out on anything at school. Fast forward a bit and we were in our final year of school. It was the best year I had in school. It was also supposed to be the toughest, but that thought never dampened our spirits or the thought that we’d all be going our seperate ways after that. We were pretty cheerful. Infact we always were. We did some crazy things that year (a long list πŸ˜› ) and it was an amazing journey. Balancing studies and the joy of doing what we did. We DID study too ofcourse. None of us were bad at it. Infact we all got good grades. We’d be up there. But we knew how to balance it frankly? that’s what school is alla bout. Sure you’re meant to study but it’s all about having some fun too. These years are never coming back. Neither is your childhood. Plus it makes for great stories to tell your grandchildren (i’m getting a little too ahead of myself , aren’t I ? πŸ˜› )

It was a fun year overall though. Then came the farewell party. We all suited up and girls got to dress more stylishly. Show off what they had been hiding (the nerdy ones atleast). Again a day we didn’t feel sad at all. It was all games and fun and we had a blast. I remember seeing a few girls cry here and there. Fast forward to the last day of school. Again- no emotions. We were sad in a way, but not overly sad. I remember walking out of the gate that day and we saw a few girls crying at the school gate. We laughed and joked about it. We were like “puh-leez. Crying over it? It’s just school”

Looking back now? I think what I felt back then and how convinced I was about the fact that I’ll never miss school? turned out to be wrong.

College is fun too, but It can’t match that feeling. Or the friends or the fun I had. That class. Those teachers. I miss going to school. I miss walking that corridor heading to my class. I miss my desk. I miss that ground where we played football. I miss all the stupid things we did. Things that can never come back. Sure we still meet up. All of us friends and we hang out. But it’s not the same. We’d grown so accustomed to sitting in class, doing what we did that it just felt alien out in the real world. It was fun, but different.

Nostalgia really does hit you hard. Hits you like a brick and you can’t do a thing about it. It’s funny how we don’t value things when we have it or have them. I sure didn’t value school much back then. I’m still glad though. Glad for the memories and the times we lived. We sure made it fun and made it a ride worth remembering.

So for anyone who’s still at school? I know it may sound crazy and you may not believe me? but live it. ENJOY it. You’ll study a lot in life. Do a lot of jobs in life but this? it’s never coming back. Keep smiling and value each day for what it is πŸ˜€

Signing out with the song they played on my farewell. Adios πŸ˜€

Inanimate Objects!

Another tiring day. Can’t wait for the weekend. More for Sporting purposes than anything else , but should be fun in general and I’d love to catch up on some sleep. Can’t wait for the Manchester United Vs Tottenham game (Yes, I want United to lose. lose BADLY). We haven’t beaten them in like what? 23 years now? 23 LONG years so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. Just like every season though. I’ve always felt this time it’s gonna be our moment and we’ll win it. For some reason or the other ? It never happens. But I’m sure we can do it πŸ˜€

Moving on. Mom picked me up after my classes today. It was nice being picked up for a change. Sat in the car and my seat belt decided to act like a jerk and it wouldn’t go in. Tried putting it in five times before calling it a “stupid silly old seat-belt”. Mom had a laugh and she asked me “why’re you taking your anger out on a seat belt??”Β  We both sat there , laughing for a good five minutes. Yea, I do that sometimes. Take my anger out on inanimate objects OR show love towards such objects. Objects that obviously can’t hear me or see it? but it feels nice. I still have a few stuffed toys from when I was what? one? Even though I don’t ever play with them, they’re still there and you can’t help but smile at them (They’re all real cute. My mom and dad had an amazing choice)

Another thing that I’ve always done and grown up watching is shout at the T.V. We watch a sport? It doesn’t go our way? We start shouting and screaming at the T.V or the players rather (trust me , they DO hear it somehow. Their powers increase. They become immortal and they WIN it for us. Warriors I tell you) πŸ˜›

Believe me , it DOES happen…Alright?!? Stop……Looking at me like thatΒ Β  *looks down at my shoes*

But yea, Dad always shouts at the TV, especially during Cricket or occasionally swears. I don’t swear really, but I DO get worked up. I also tell certain players what to do. Especially during football and where to pass. It kinda works. I feel like a manager then. It’s almost as if I’m guiding them πŸ˜›

Then comes the fury kicks and punches. We’ve all done that more often than not. Got hurt by say , the edge of your side table and then you probably hop around on one leg and swear at it or, you kick it backΒ  (Hurts even more). Other times? Inanimate objects are the only thing you can take your frustration out at. It feels good. Real good πŸ˜€

I shall get this.

I hate when I lose at a Playstation game. Not once or twice, but when I just can’t win. I end up kicking my bed or something..followed by shouts at the game and why it’s such a “stupid” game πŸ˜› However, I’m not always that mean to them. When my bed’s crowded with pillows? I put some on either side of me and make this wall around me (but since I’m nice? I cover those pillows up with my blanket too. My guards should stay protected)

Now I know it may sound stupid , but we all do silly things. Let me hear you’ve got any similiar stories to tell and if you’ve ever done something as silly as this? Till then? Adios.