My Twitter Affair

I’m not a twitterholic to be honest. Never been one. I do however love it around this part of the year because you DO get a lot of Football transfer rumours on twitter from various sources about where a player could be going to, so it’s kinda fun to see all those speculations and news on what could happen and what not. Twitter stalking can be fun too. Stalking a certain celeb (not in a creepy way hopefully) and just staying in touch with your favourite celeb. Be it a superstar or someone who’s just on youtube.

Lately I’ve been tweeting a bit, not excessively because I just hate that. I hate people who can tweet something every 5 minutes. Do it for the sake of it and my newsfeed is often full of shit I don’t want to know. What happens then? You eventually end up unfollowing that person so you don’t have to put up with his annoying tweets. Moving on, I think all of us who are on twitter would at some point try and tweet a celeb. Maybe just make up a tweet and send or reply to one of the tweets they’ve asked. You kinda half know and expect the celeb to not answer it but if he does? It’s actually a pretty amazing feeling. Trust me on that!

I’ve  never quite been lucky with that, until lately. Almost as if someone swished a magic wand and bestowed some luck upon me. All in all? It’s been a good tweeting week.

1. AK AKA AMAZING – For those of you who don’t know, he’s Indo-Canadian. An Indian guy, living in Canada. Has a youtube channel, a LOT of videos and he’s funny as hell. Especially for brown people. I love this guy to bits because you can actually relate most of the times and he’s funny as hell 😀

Call it getting lucky or what but I’ve often tried to get a response from him but I’d probably say stupid shit like “please make a new video” or something. I got lucky two days back however. I just randomly tweeted him and asked him to come to my town and within a minute, he re-tweeted my tweet and it appeared on his profile. I know, not THAT a big deal but I’d still say it was amazing. He actually read it and then cared to re-tweet it. My friends who love him and follow him? Pretty jealous 😀

Here’s a video of AK if you don’t know who he is. Pretty funny btw!

2. Zak Bagans – Lead investigator from the show “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel. If you follow my blog, you’d know what I’m talking about. I love this show to bits and the trio ofcourse – Zak, Nick and Aaron. I’ve always been into the paranormal and Zak’s been through a lot. Plus he’s a great guy so no surprise that I tweet him at times. Yesterday? Let’s just say I got lucky. I read a tweet from him on my timeline which was probably a minute old. He’d tweeted something talking about his dungeon (He has a basement/personalised dungeon kind of thing in his house) and being an avid fan, I know about it and how it’s supposed to be haunted. Naturally I just ended up tweeting him “that dungeon is one fascinating place” and without caring anything, I logged off in a bit. Came on two hours later and to my surprise? ZAK had actually replied to it, saying “It has a mind of it’s own”. Now I know it’s not that big a conversation but still an amazing feeling. Someone you look upto and a person you watch a lot, replying back to you and interacting in some way. Pretty cool and amazing. I remember freaking out, running around and then calling all my friends who watch the show, followed by the most common reaction “NO WAY dudeeeee”

It’s safe to say, being a GA fan paid off in some way 😀 Here’s a video of his actual dungeon and it’s pretty darn epic.

——> Click Here <——-

3. Joe Morrison – Host on a football show and usually previews and reviews games. Love the guy and he’s pretty knowledgeable. I’ve had him reply back to tweets but I’d say the coolest experience was when I was watching the preview show and he asked people to ask him questions on twitter and he’ll pick the best ones on the show. I tweeted him and I obviously thought I wouldnt make it but soon enough, my name popped up on TV. Then he read my name and the tweet and I was stunned. On National television, having your name taken and tweet read is a pretty cool thing. I was ecstatic and jumping all around 😀 I wish I’d recorded it though

Are you on twitter? If yes, have you had any cool celebs talk to you? Do tell me in the comments section below 😀