Take Charge Or Sit Back?

People often want their relationship or friendship to be the best one around. Some work out, some don’t. Now I won’t say there are some hard and fast rules to follow which will let you succeed in what you want and probably increase it’s longevity. Relationships click on minor details that vary from person to person and the interest pertains to these minor things you do. Visual attraction is obviously a part in it, but I think it’s the little intricate things in between that matter and that stick in a person’s memory. Those intricate things that make you smile everyday when you think of that person.

Now I’ve always broadly classified people in relationships into two categories. Now I know there are numerous other ways to divide and classify them into, but for right now? I’m focusing on category 1 : people who take an initiative or category 2 : people who sit back and let things unfold.

Now like I said before, there are no hard and fast rules here. If it applies to person A, it may not apply to person B and so forth. I think the perfect relationship should have a balance of both. I’m not saying you need one partner from each category to combine, but both the partners to have a bit of both category 1 and 2. I’ll take my case for example. I can be super lazy at times. I may think about the person a lot but may not text her or text her much. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Infact I care A LOT. However that may be interpreted differently by the other person and she may just think that I’ve probably forgotten about her. Similiarly, I’d be agitated, If I don’t hear from her for too long. But hey, who’s to say she’s not thinking about and is just as lazy as you are? 😛

So yes, little things like these can spoil a relationship. I think talking is important. Even if it’s for just five minutes a day. You don’t value it that much but yes, even a five minute talk can make you smile when it’s someone special. You feel WAY better. You feel super happy for some reason. There are butterflies in your stomach and you just half wish that you can go back in time and re-live those five minutes again.

Finding and taking time out for someone is important, but at the same time? Don’t be too nagging. I know my male friends who have had girlfriends who constantly text them even when we’re out. Out on an all guys night. Trust me ladies, it can be annoying. Give your partner space and time and he’ll respond. Don’t be overzealous!!

Now different gestures can be interpreted differently. Most guys however don’t like constant nagging though. Most girls? Like if a guy texts first. Cute little sign that he was thinking about you. Having said that? It’s not neccessary that if he doesn’t text you, he isn’t thinking about you.

Finding the right balance between category 1 and category 2 becomes important here because you WANT to let the person know you’re there for them, you want to keep up with how his/her day was and stay in touch, yet you want to give that person space and let things flow. Give the person time to respond and allow that person to talk. Balance between being overzealous to taking that person for granted.

Be it a friend or a crush? Just text her right now and let her/him know you’re around. Ask how they are and it might just cheer you up. P.S – Weekend’s around the corner. That makes it even better 😉 Oh and Spurs won again 😀

Love Is Easy

I usually post songs with lyrics but with this one? I just had to post the official Video because it’s just THAT cute. So yes, Love is easy. It’s as easy as you make it to be. People tend to over-think it, at times but at the end of the day? You just have to follow your heart and everything falls into place. Or well, even if it doesn’t? Give it a shot because you deserve it and you deserve that happiness. It’s an amazing feeling 😀

What’s better than Love? Harry, Tom, Danny and Dougie singing about it. So do give it a check and have a nice week ahead 😉