My Special Day

A really cute, inspiring video and something that makes you smile at the end of the day. Cherish what you’ve got and value life, a little more. Amazing thing, what SSN did. I’ll definately be catching more of these episodes. The expression’s on his face and how stunned he was, just so adorable. Plus having your dream, fulfilled that ways? It’s a special feeling. I’d be head over heels if that was me.

Well Done Callum. You are one strong lad.


The Week That Was

So to just recap on the week that went by and update as to what’s been happening to people who might wanna know and my friends who’d wanna read, I though I’d do an update post. It’s been an epic week.

Let’s start with the wedding I had to attend. This girl who lives down the street and I’ve grown up with her, somewhat. I recall playing with her when I was a child and she helped me with Maths too. Even though she’s like 7 years older than me, We did get along well. The Venue was outside and the place was pretty damn freezing. However the whole Vibe and atmosphere made you mellow into it and just enjoy the night. The food was amazing and the local singers that performed are pretty famous around here. I made sure I recorded all of that performance.

Add to that, My two favourite aunt’s came over and my cousin sister who’s just a year elder to me. We’ve practically grown up together and my mom and aunt often say we’re THE same. Just as lazy, we both sleep super late. Wake up super late. Love doing stupid things and we can watch shows online for hours, non stop. (Which we did, btw)

So anyways, ever since they came, It was a “go-out-and-enjoy” kinda routine. We’d go out to eat somewhere everyday. Places nearby that were good. Be it Super Donuts, This amazing coffee shop nearby, This amazing bakery, A place called the Chocolate room which is JUST dedicated to chocolate to name a few. Needless to say, we all ate a lot and we’d be out all day. My mom and aunt’s out shopping, while we go eat and drive around or just sit back and play monopoly.

While that was going on, my beloved Spurs, had about 3 games in the span of 7 days. Pretty hectic for the players, but guess what? we won ALL 3. Tough games at that too, including Liverpool. Now we’re Joint 3rd in the table and things are looking good. My new Gareth Bale Jersey that I’d ordered last month, came yesterday and it looks AMAZING. I was grinning all day and I might’ve worn it….a…few times (Okay, maybe all day)

Then we also attended my aunt’s anniversary bash, which again was super fun. I got to meet my other cousins and even though it wasn’t a huge party? It was homely and fun. All the cousins caught up and we talked a lot, just about everything and all the shows we watch, who likes which show and stuff like that. I barely had time to blog, let alone read people’s posts but I know I needed to update and now that they’ve finally left. I’m relatively free again. I might’ve put on a couple of kilos for sure, with the amount of food I was eating everyday and we’d stay up all night, watching Ghost Adventures, Scary movies online with the lights off and try to spook each other.

Can’t wait to meet them again. Oh and I love the snowflakes falling effect on here. Just thought I’d point that out. Anyways, have a nice week ahead πŸ˜‰

Terms That Annoy Me


A lot has been made of the term YOLO (for newbies, it stands for You Only Live Once) and If you are aware of what’s happening around you or around the world, You’d probably hear YOLO a lot. Notably among teens.

Now most teens use this term or phrase as an excuse to do something stupid. “You only live once. Let’s get wasted” or “You Only live once, let’s jump into this lake” and so forth. Now I’m not a huge YOLO fan. Of the term or the stupidity associated with it. It irks me and annoys me when any of my friends use it.

Let’s it put it this way. If you DO only live once, why would you want to make a rash decision, do something stupid and end up being jailed or worse, break like 10 bones jumping off a building? Plus it’s annoying how many people do stupid shit or do anything that they want to and use the term YOLO to get away with it. I think it’s alright if it’s used as a rarity than a need.

Ratchet according to Urban dictionary means

A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

I can’t stand the term ratchet for some reason. Apparently, it just showed up out of nowhere. One day nobody had a clue what it was. The next day? Everyone was using it. Again one of those words kids use because they think it’s cool but it’s annoying. It’s over-used and it’s often used out of context. Random occurrences. Just a really irritating word. I thought we had better terms to call each other, then words like “ratchet” ?

“Guuuuurl. You be Ratcheetttt”Β Β Β  Errr, no. Thanks.


Originally from the Scottish slang word “swagger” which was a description of the way some Scots walk (in a swaying motion), the word was then misinterpreted by the English as “the way someone presents themselves”. Eg, whether someone looks cool.
The word quickly made its way to the states and has ever since become the catchphrase of douchebags and tools everywhere.

Now every wannabe wants to look swaggy, have swag and loosely throw the word swag around 20 times a day, in a gangsta manner to appear “cool” among fellow peers. Sorry, but that’s not cool. You’re just making a fool out of yourself. Cut that crap and get a life, that’s what you should do.

Barney's Always Right.

Barney’s Always Right.

What terms are YOU annoyed by? Let me know. Have a nice week πŸ˜€ Peace out!

Take Charge Or Sit Back?

People often want their relationship or friendship to be the best one around. Some work out, some don’t. Now I won’t say there are some hard and fast rules to follow which will let you succeed in what you want and probably increase it’s longevity. Relationships click on minor details that vary from person to person and the interest pertains to these minor things you do. Visual attraction is obviously a part in it, but I think it’s the little intricate things in between that matter and that stick in a person’s memory. Those intricate things that make you smile everyday when you think of that person.

Now I’ve always broadly classified people in relationships into two categories. Now I know there are numerous other ways to divide and classify them into, but for right now? I’m focusing on category 1 : people who take an initiative or category 2 : people who sit back and let things unfold.

Now like I said before, there are no hard and fast rules here. If it applies to person A, it may not apply to person B and so forth. I think the perfect relationship should have a balance of both. I’m not saying you need one partner from each category to combine, but both the partners to have a bit of both category 1 and 2. I’ll take my case for example. I can be super lazy at times. I may think about the person a lot but may not text her or text her much. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Infact I care A LOT. However that may be interpreted differently by the other person and she may just think that I’ve probably forgotten about her. Similiarly, I’d be agitated, If I don’t hear from her for too long. But hey, who’s to say she’s not thinking about and is just as lazy as you are? πŸ˜›

So yes, little things like these can spoil a relationship. I think talking is important. Even if it’s for just five minutes a day. You don’t value it that much but yes, even a five minute talk can make you smile when it’s someone special. You feel WAY better. You feel super happy for some reason. There are butterflies in your stomach and you just half wish that you can go back in time and re-live those five minutes again.

Finding and taking time out for someone is important, but at the same time? Don’t be too nagging. I know my male friends who have had girlfriends who constantly text them even when we’re out. Out on an all guys night. Trust me ladies, it can be annoying. Give your partner space and time and he’ll respond. Don’t be overzealous!!

Now different gestures can be interpreted differently. Most guys however don’t like constant nagging though. Most girls? Like if a guy texts first. Cute little sign that he was thinking about you. Having said that? It’s not neccessary that if he doesn’t text you, he isn’t thinking about you.

Finding the right balance between category 1 and category 2 becomes important here because you WANT to let the person know you’re there for them, you want to keep up with how his/her day was and stay in touch, yet you want to give that person space and let things flow. Give the person time to respond and allow that person to talk. Balance between being overzealous to taking that person for granted.

Be it a friend or a crush? Just text her right now and let her/him know you’re around. Ask how they are and it might just cheer you up. P.S – Weekend’s around the corner. That makes it even better πŸ˜‰ Oh and Spurs won again πŸ˜€

Stelena Rant!

It seems like everything good around me is falling apart, including Stelena now. It’s been a tough week for me and I wish I could change some of the things or influence some of the things that happened. Either ways, I’ll not deviate too much from the topic and talk about what I should : Stelena.

This episode was heartbreaking. And not just because Stefan and Elena broke up. They’ve broken up before. But this was the first time I really felt like they have been completely out of sync with each other. Stefan feels unworthy and Elena doesn’t have the wherewithal to correct him. Or she feels that she’s not worthy and can never be the girl he loves when she doesn’t understand that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that she’s a vampire. He cares that she is unhappy. He cares that she doesn’t trust him. He cares that she won’t depend on him. He cares that she doesn’t think that he will always put her and her needs (Including but not limitedΒ  to the needs of her family and friends) first.

I gotta say that I’m still discombobulated from her frustration that Stefan didn’t protect Jeremy. How did he not protect Jeremy? His gunshot was on Elena for jumping too quick. That was not on Stefan. But in any case, Stefan jumps to get him, throws him over a table and saves his life. What the hell is there to not understand? He protected Jeremy–just like he ALWAYS does.

But she trusts Da—nevermind. NO. Nevermind.

And while I despise Klaus with the heat of a thousand suns, I gotta say bravo to him for telling her that she should have trusted Stefan and that he was doing good things for her. Like I said last week: when he teamed up with Klaus in the past it was to save his brother’s life. Stefan doesn’t team up with Klaus unless it’s a dire situation. And clearly it was F***ING DIRE.Β 

So, I am disconcerted because at the moment that Klaus tells her this instead of her standing corrected and making a mental note to talk this out with Stefan she immediately starts on the “what else is he hiding” thing. And that just baffles me because would Stefan ever do anything to hurt her or her family when he’s in his good mind? HELL NO.Β 

And frankly: I am so confused because like I said last week, when has he EVER given her reason and cause to believe that. This isn’t honestly about Damon. I think for Damon, he did the best he could with what few fucking scruples he has. This has nothing to do with him.

This has everything to do with a very concrete misunderstanding of who these two are and who they expect each other to be. Stefan believes that the only version of himself Elena will love is the good one (that he desperately clings to and bless him for making that choice every single goddamn day); meanwhile, Elena believes that the only version of herself Stefan will love is the girl who almost died when her car went off a bridge.

How do they not see that they are made for each other? How do they not see that THEY MIRROR EACH OTHER SO MUCH. They are both literally afraid that they are not good enough for each other. And oh my God, that’s why this is heartbreaking


And here’s why it’s worse: because like I said last season–there will be no one else for Stefan. No one. There will be no other woman. There will be no other person for him because Elena is it. And she will never know how much she needs him because she will never lose him–even if he gives up his claim to her. And that is a shame.

Oh my god did you see his face when he looks at her on that step?! Did you see the way his heartbreak was in his eyes? And the ways he looked on the verge of tears? Did you see how she knew it was coming but when he told her “he couldn’t do it anymore” how she looked at him like he just took her oxygen? This was too much. And if it were in a direction I could live with I might manage it but this is so a) out of the blue and b) so unlike them that I feel bitter.

Again, this isn’t about Delena. This is about how these two characters went from having the best intended to be healthy relationship to the place where they hide from each other andI don’t know how to feel about that. Stefan KNOWS Elena, he always has and he knows this ISN’T her. She’s crumbling and he can see it. He’s lied but he’s done ALL that just to save her because this ISN’T her. It never will be and she’s a wreck. It’s just sad how it is and how she feels this way. Her feelings for Damon magnify, intensify but her feeling’s for Stefan don’t? I’m just speechless….

P.S : I still care about you and always will. I may act like I don’t care but my feelings have never changed and never will. I’ve been harsh but I was trying too fool myself. I miss you ..

Things That Annoy Me : Grammar

I’m not a Grammar Nazi, nor do I intend to be one. Call it poor grammar or poor spellings? Certain words, put into a sentence wrongly can really irk me for some reason. It makes you twitch. Makes you want to correct it or the person. I do that at times, then I have to refrain myself other times cause it may be super rude or annoying if you just keep correcting the other person πŸ˜›

Either ways, I’ve come across a few REALLY common mistakes that people make which may be out of ignorance or they’re just too lazy to use an apostrophe where it’s needed. More often then not? People don’t realise it and they carry on with it anyways.

Your and You’re :

The most common misunderstanding is your and you’re. Now I’ve seen MILLIONS of people write and type your instead of you’re, which obviously changes the meaning completely. Rather, makes it pretty funny.

Your : Your is object specific or belonging specific. Eg. Your car, Your house, your Mother.

You’re : The short form of You are. Eg. You’re late.Β  (You are late)

Now put your in place of you’re and it can be annoying and funny at the same time.

There, Their and They’re :

Next up? It’s There, Their and They’re. Often interchanged at places by plenty of people with hilarious, annoying outcomes. eg. “Guys, there awesome” , “It’s there house”

There : Refers to or pertains to a place. It’s place specific. Eg. I am going there.

Their : like your, it’s belonging specific. Eg. Their car won’t start, You should go to their house.

They’re : Short form of they are. Eg. They’re going home.

Their and there are confusing enough as it is for some people (I have no clue why) and add on they’re (Some people just don’t know what apostrophe’s are for) and it’s a messy affair altogether.

To, Too and Two :

Next up? To and Too. Where to use which one? Now the trick in here is how you say it. Just like the extra “o” in too, you have to remember how you say it. Too pertains to something excessive or an extra amount of something. To on the other hand is a preposition and is used as a word connector.

Too : Eg. Jimmy’s car runs too fast for me to catch up with with mine. His house is too far away from here.

To :Β To be or not to be. (in front of a verb), Go to school (prep)

Now I seem like an English teacher right now, but the incorrect usage of these words, irks me and I know most of you would know the difference and the usage but If you don’t? this should help hopefully. I think there can general confusion at times and so it’s natural to err at times, but either ways. You should be able to get it right now. Sorry if I came across too harsh, but If it helps someone? It’s worth it. Have a nice day πŸ˜€



Getting Detached

So what exactly happens when one out of the two in a relationship just, stops feeling the same way like he/she used to and detaches completely? Or well partially. I think most of the time, being honest is the correct thing to do but how do you cope up with it? Brace yourself to the fact that it’s no more and the only reason you’d wake up everyday and smile to, is gone. How do you come to terms with the fact that what you felt so strongly, can not be felt again , because the other person has just moved on or well, has stopped loving you like you do.

I was reading about one such incident about this female blogger who told how her boyfriend was out of town for a couple of weeks now and that, due to the distance, she’s falling out and doesn’t feel the same way about him. He’s clueless about the fact that she’s probably have second thoughts about the relationship. He keeps trying, he keeps texting, he keeps waiting for a reply. For an E-mail, a text. A whatsapp, a kik message maybe but it never comes. Now I think even though it’s harsh? You need to let people know how you feel and even if you DO love that person and can’t be with him/her? you have to let them go or let them know.

Now a lot of it is based on Stelena and a bit maybe on personal experiences but I was trying to put myself into someone else’s shoes and try to see how it feels and what you’d wanna do, what you can do. I think it’s really hard though and mentally, you don’t want to give up. Especially when it’s not in your nature to give up on something or to come to terms with the reality at hand. It’s hard but it’s gotta be done and more often than not? You have to take a stand than feel sorry about yourself. Now I know it can be easy to form inside your head but when it’s time to execute it? People crumble.

I don’t think it’s an easy job and you will crumble at first. Music helps but music can put you off too, from the road to recovery. So can any song that once reminded you of that person. Funny things happen though. I needed a few distractions this week for different reasons but all the usual sources I looked forward to for distraction? Made it worse. Be it a show or a game or a party. So it’s been an interesting week and super hectic as well.

I think it’s a personal battle though and depends from person to person. What positives you can take out and what state of mind you are in. For me? I’d just want to lay low and do the things I love to do. Watch movies, stay out the whole day with my friends or just sit and game. Perfect for a guy. If you wanna shut down? go sleep. Trust me guys, works like a treat πŸ˜› Either ways , confrontation is important because you HAVE to know where the relationship stands. You can’t cling onto love that isn’t there and the fact that the other person just doesn’t want it or just doesn’t want to make an effort. Moving on? just as important as the first step.

Have a nice week guys! πŸ˜€

It’s Diwali!!

It’s Diwali night today, which means Firecrackers, Fireworks, Sparklers and what not. Now before I begin on what Diwali is, you should go check out my earlier post – Dussehra which will give you a backdrop on the festival. Now Diwali Originates in India and it’s called the Festival of Lights. Now it’s not only Diwali night that is bright, but the whole week leading up to it. Shops are covered in lights, you have houses covered in lights or candles and It’s just a bright occasion all around. You get special shopping sale’s everywhere, Special Festive offers and it gets pretty chaotic in the evenings. BUT, It looks amazing because most houses are lit up, decorated and it makes for a great scene.

Happi Diwali

Now It’s called the Festival of Lights for a reason because the lights not only make for a great viewing but they also symbolize the supremacy and consequence of brightness over darkness, good over evil , truth over falsity. So it does have a metaphorical reference. As for the legends sake, It was first Celebrate when Ram and Sita came back home to Ayodha, People lit earthen lamps (called diyas) to welcome them home and ever since, it’s been around. Initally it consisted of people lighting these earthen lamps and lights but not with the commercialization, you do have fireworks and firecrackers and mini-bombs to celebrate and create a ruckus.

I used to celebrate it with the firecrackers but I’ve stopped that bit. I think we cause a lot of pollution on just one day alone, let alone the whole year around and I try to make an effort to make sure I don’t pollute much. Now you may think what difference is one day going to make? The thing is, everyone. Each and every individual thinks the same thing. “What difference can one person and one day make” and so pretty much everyone goes through with it and at the end of the night, you have a sky that’s full of smoke particles, floating all around.

It’s still a pretty fun Festival all around. People light up candles at churches, at temples, meet loved ones , burst crackers together, drink and have a fun time. Not just today, but the whole week ends up being a treat. You get people coming over with Diwali gifts (that’s a social norm almost. Wish people and give gifts) so you get plenty of chocolates stacked up, maybe dry fruits and cookies and all sorts of goodies. All in all, it’s been a fun week, a fun day and I can still hear the fireworks go off, non stop. I know a lot of you don’t celebrate it or know about it, but a Happy Diwali nonetheless πŸ˜€

India On Diwali. Pretty right??

Peace out.

Love Is Easy

I usually post songs with lyrics but with this one? I just had to post the official Video because it’s just THAT cute. So yes, Love is easy. It’s as easy as you make it to be. People tend to over-think it, at times but at the end of the day? You just have to follow your heart and everything falls into place. Or well, even if it doesn’t? Give it a shot because you deserve it and you deserve that happiness. It’s an amazing feeling πŸ˜€

What’s better than Love? Harry, Tom, Danny and Dougie singing about it. So do give it a check and have a nice week ahead πŸ˜‰

It’s A Stereotypical World.

We live in a world full of stereotypes. Most of them happen out of ignorance, some just because of how the media portrays a certain section. You’re made to dislike a particular kind of people or assume that they are filthy or terrorists or illiterate. Which then leads to racism obviously. Most of us won’t realize it, but we do stereotype someone or a country in general. Joking to an extent is fun. I think even I do it at times. The classic pull your eyes wider so they look more slanty and you end up looking like a chinese kid or something πŸ˜›

Now let me give you an example. If I ask you to close your eyes and picture an asian kid, you’d probably picture a Chinese/Japanese kid or probably Jackie Chan and you’d have the words “ching chong ching” pop up in your head πŸ˜€

Now it’s obvious Asia is diverse and Asians are diverse. Malaysians are Asians, Indians are Asians, Pakistanis are Asians, Maldivians are Asians, Singapore, Vietnam , Philippines, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia.Β  The list is endless. Yet, we tend to picture a very typical Oriental aspect in Chinese/Japanese or Koreans. Now each Country has a stereotype attached to it and the people that belong to there. I don’t know how it started or spread but It’s all around us now.

The Dutch are loud and vulgar, Britishers pompous and arrogant. Americans dumb and fat. Indians smell, drive cabs and run seven-elevens only. Pakistanis are terrorists, so is Afghanistan and well , all the -Stan countries. Middle East has Oil and the sheikhs, they own camels too. Africa is poor. You associate Poverty and The black people there. South America is Soccer and Coffee and beaches. We all do that and we’ve always done that.

You see a Mexican kid? you assume he’d be Jose or Juan. You’d probably start talking about tacos, sombreros. That’s just what we do and we GO to that extent where it gets annoying to everyone. No, Tea and Fish and Chips are not the only thing you associate with England. Russians do a lot more than just drink. It’s these stereotypes that piss me off at times and It’s hard to explain that not ever mexican is a Jose or a Juan.

Stereotypes can then lead to a specific mindset towards a specific race, which then leads to racism and ignorance because you start assuming that a particular race or country has terrorists, a particular country is dumb and so on. Plus it’s annoying because only a bunch of individuals or a minority shouldn’t be held accountable and shouldn’t represent a country or a race. But what the media portrays and what goes mainstream is what a Nation is judged on.

All in all, I think you should give people a chance and get to know them first before jumping on the bandwagon and let OTHERS tell you what the person would be like. No, each individual is different and he’ll have his own set of pros and cons. Find it out for yourself. Don’t look down on people just because they are from particular skin colour or have a different accent or belong to some other Country. We are all humans at the end of the day and the only thing that unites us love.

Hope you guys had a nice weekend. Till then, so long and have a stupidlyawesome week ahead πŸ˜‰