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Game Of Thrones Is Coming Back!!

Yes, as the title suggests. Game of Thrones is almost back!!! 😀 Nothing better right? Since we’re so close to the return, I thought I might mark my return to blogging with a GoT post. I know I’ve been super busy, I haven’t had the time to blog at all and In a way, the break was much needed. Either ways, I did miss blogging and missed each and everyone of you out there who took time out to read all these lovely blogs and posts.

Anyways, coming back. I can’t be more excited than this and I’m pretty sure season 3 will be far more amazing than the other two seasons. From what I’ve heard, the third book is pretty amazing and it SHOULD translate into a gripping season that’ll leave you on the edge. Since it’s a GoT post, I thought I’d share my favourite characters from the show and tell you why I liked/hated them.

[Spoilers down below if you haven’t seen both the seasons]


1. Tyrion Lannister – The Imp. The half man. To be really honest, I didn’t take much notice of him at first, infact loathed him at how blunt he was. I’ve always loved the Starks for whatever reason and so I hated how blunt he was to some of them or everyone infact and how pompous and proud he was (expected from a Lannister) but as the show went on, you saw how he’s the nicest Lannister around. The smartest out of the lot, which is why Cersei probably hates him the way she does, but he’s done it all. A charmer, great with the ladies, redeemed himself with the Starks, saved Sansa countless times from harm, protected her, saved himself from the clutches of death(with Lady Stark) and then goes on to save King’s Landing later on. Just a very likeable personality all around and he’s done pretty much everything right, from the my point of view, at times even going against his House’s interest to do what is just and right. Take a bow Tyrion.

The Lord of Light wants his enemies burnt. The Drowned God wants his enemies drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where is the god of tits and wine? – Tyrion Lannister

2. Arya Stark – The youngest of the Stark ladies. Arya’s totally different to Sansa in every aspect. She’s a fighter, been a fighter and like Jon Snow, she’s different. Different to what a lady should be. Which is why Jon and her can relate so much. She has no grace in her, whatsoever and she’s not made to be a lady. Or atleast she doesn’t want to be one. She’s rugged, she’s rough and she loves most things men would love to do. Where Sansa will step down for her rights in most cases, Arya stood up to every challenge she came across and she’s had a journey that left you on the edge of your seat, especially during her time under Tywin Lannister.

Stick ’em with the pointy end. – Arya Stark

You could almost feel her anxiety, her nervousness as she went around serving Tywin or her journey back to the wall or her escape from King’s Landing. You, as viewer can almost feel what she’s feeling and you get just as much anxious as she should and probably is. All in all, she’s strong and she’s brave and she’ll make the Starks proud. Pretty sure.

3. Jon Snow – Ned Stark’s Bastard. Hated by a lot of people, including Cat but not by me. Not at all. Infact you’d feel bad everytime Cat would stare at him or just insult him. He’s a nice lad and you in a way feel bad for him, being made to feel different and it’s not his fault he’s a bastard but he’s always got that. Then he just gets sent away to the wall. Cold and harsh, away from everyone, his family and the Wall isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. His Uncle Benjin’s gone too, leaving no one with him. No one he knows, except his fellow Knights watch brothers. He’s morally correct, brave, yet kind hearted and just a good lad in general. Irrespective of his Bastard name. I loved how nice he was to Sam and how he’s stood up to people who haven’t been the nicest. It’s pretty easy to get lost and get disillusioned when you’re in the cold, with no one really to talk to and with your family all but gone. Yet, he’s stuck to his oath. He stayed there and he’s carrying on strong, now with his new set of “brothers”.


Jaqen H’ghar – Didn’t see him much through the series but I loved the way he talked and the person he was. Well, still is. I’m on Team Stark and so anyone helping the Starks really is an ally and Jaqen did help Arya a lot. From the way he spoke to his calm and composed way of doing things and executing them perfectly. A mysterious sort of a man, but he was mysterious in a good way. When Arya had no one in particular to count upon, Jaqen stepped up and he eventually got her out and got her out in style too.

Hoping to see a lot more of him soon and I bet there’s more to Arya and him than just this. Pretty sure they’ll meet again. The only downside? I hated his new face, when he changes his identity and face. The old Jaqen was somehow…better?

A girl gives a man his own name? – Jaqen H’ghar

Bran Stark – Bran Stark. The second youngest Stark in Winterfell. Older than Rickon and younger than Sansa, Robb and Arya. Like you might’ve noticed earlier. I love the Starks and so it’s no surprise Bran comes up on the list too. We haven’t seen much of him, as a character but I think the ability he has, of foreseeing things is pretty interesting and will play some part in the future. Some important part. He’s mysterious in his own way. Was a darn good climber, until he fell, but other than that, not the best archer of a sword fighter. Yet, I have a feeling he’ll play a huge part, later on. He’s blessed in some way and Bran’s quiet and inquisitive. He’ll listen and absorb things. Listen and learn. So you’re never quite sure what you will get from him. Makes for an interesting character.

I might do a list of the Characters I hate in the next part. Till then? So long and here’s a trailer for season 3 with a really cool song too. Do check it out.

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One response to “Game Of Thrones Is Coming Back!!

  1. I have never agreed with you more!! I love Tyrion Lannister ❤ he gets the best lines… and you gotta love Arya and Gendry, Its a bit weird since she's 14 and he's in his 20's but that's what acting's for 😉 or is it weird of me to say that… nm its half 12 right now im not even sure what im typing! 😀
    This seasons great cos it comes out in England the day after America so theres no wait time!!
    oh ye… its been a while flamingpatronus
    ❤ awesomenatalie!

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