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My Twitter Affair

I’m not a twitterholic to be honest. Never been one. I do however love it around this part of the year because you DO get a lot of Football transfer rumours on twitter from various sources about where a player could be going to, so it’s kinda fun to see all those speculations and news on what could happen and what not. Twitter stalking can be fun too. Stalking a certain celeb (not in a creepy way hopefully) and just staying in touch with your favourite celeb. Be it a superstar or someone who’s just on youtube.

Lately I’ve been tweeting a bit, not excessively because I just hate that. I hate people who can tweet something every 5 minutes. Do it for the sake of it and my newsfeed is often full of shit I don’t want to know. What happens then? You eventually end up unfollowing that person so you don’t have to put up with his annoying tweets. Moving on, I think all of us who are on twitter would at some point try and tweet a celeb. Maybe just make up a tweet and send or reply to one of the tweets they’ve asked. You kinda half know and expect the celeb to not answer it but if he does? It’s actually a pretty amazing feeling. Trust me on that!

I’ve  never quite been lucky with that, until lately. Almost as if someone swished a magic wand and bestowed some luck upon me. All in all? It’s been a good tweeting week.

1. AK AKA AMAZING – For those of you who don’t know, he’s Indo-Canadian. An Indian guy, living in Canada. Has a youtube channel, a LOT of videos and he’s funny as hell. Especially for brown people. I love this guy to bits because you can actually relate most of the times and he’s funny as hell 😀

Call it getting lucky or what but I’ve often tried to get a response from him but I’d probably say stupid shit like “please make a new video” or something. I got lucky two days back however. I just randomly tweeted him and asked him to come to my town and within a minute, he re-tweeted my tweet and it appeared on his profile. I know, not THAT a big deal but I’d still say it was amazing. He actually read it and then cared to re-tweet it. My friends who love him and follow him? Pretty jealous 😀

Here’s a video of AK if you don’t know who he is. Pretty funny btw!

2. Zak Bagans – Lead investigator from the show “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel. If you follow my blog, you’d know what I’m talking about. I love this show to bits and the trio ofcourse – Zak, Nick and Aaron. I’ve always been into the paranormal and Zak’s been through a lot. Plus he’s a great guy so no surprise that I tweet him at times. Yesterday? Let’s just say I got lucky. I read a tweet from him on my timeline which was probably a minute old. He’d tweeted something talking about his dungeon (He has a basement/personalised dungeon kind of thing in his house) and being an avid fan, I know about it and how it’s supposed to be haunted. Naturally I just ended up tweeting him “that dungeon is one fascinating place” and without caring anything, I logged off in a bit. Came on two hours later and to my surprise? ZAK had actually replied to it, saying “It has a mind of it’s own”. Now I know it’s not that big a conversation but still an amazing feeling. Someone you look upto and a person you watch a lot, replying back to you and interacting in some way. Pretty cool and amazing. I remember freaking out, running around and then calling all my friends who watch the show, followed by the most common reaction “NO WAY dudeeeee”

It’s safe to say, being a GA fan paid off in some way 😀 Here’s a video of his actual dungeon and it’s pretty darn epic.

——> Click Here <——-

3. Joe Morrison – Host on a football show and usually previews and reviews games. Love the guy and he’s pretty knowledgeable. I’ve had him reply back to tweets but I’d say the coolest experience was when I was watching the preview show and he asked people to ask him questions on twitter and he’ll pick the best ones on the show. I tweeted him and I obviously thought I wouldnt make it but soon enough, my name popped up on TV. Then he read my name and the tweet and I was stunned. On National television, having your name taken and tweet read is a pretty cool thing. I was ecstatic and jumping all around 😀 I wish I’d recorded it though

Are you on twitter? If yes, have you had any cool celebs talk to you? Do tell me in the comments section below 😀

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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

4 responses to “My Twitter Affair

  1. Not a tweet tweet but this was great to read. Whoohooo on the recogtweetnition! So cute!!

  2. DUDE. THE INTERNET LOVES YOU. (Me included ;D)

    I love twitter and these stories are awesome! I especially love that one about the indo-Canadian youtuber 😀 I’m TOTALLY going to watch him now!

    All I’ve gotten is a reply from my favorite youtuber’s GIRLFRIEND (about killing spiders. exciting, I know) and a retweet from MICHAEL IAN BLACK (who I was beyond obsessed with at the time).

    I love Twitter because of the bizarre closeness you feel with people you don’t know. Twitter basically delves 10 levels into a person, and you get to know their funny comments on a TV show, or what they had for lunch, without having to go through the whole “friendship” process of introducing, getting to know eachother, hanging out, hanging out again, creating memories, opening up, getting comfortable, and FINALLY getting to a point where you can relax on eachother’s couches and comment on the stupidity of Rhonda’s dress choice on America’s Prettiest Loser. Ya smell what I’m steppin’ in?


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