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Things That Annoy Me : Grammar

I’m not a Grammar Nazi, nor do I intend to be one. Call it poor grammar or poor spellings? Certain words, put into a sentence wrongly can really irk me for some reason. It makes you twitch. Makes you want to correct it or the person. I do that at times, then I have to refrain myself other times cause it may be super rude or annoying if you just keep correcting the other person 😛

Either ways, I’ve come across a few REALLY common mistakes that people make which may be out of ignorance or they’re just too lazy to use an apostrophe where it’s needed. More often then not? People don’t realise it and they carry on with it anyways.

Your and You’re :

The most common misunderstanding is your and you’re. Now I’ve seen MILLIONS of people write and type your instead of you’re, which obviously changes the meaning completely. Rather, makes it pretty funny.

Your : Your is object specific or belonging specific. Eg. Your car, Your house, your Mother.

You’re : The short form of You are. Eg. You’re late.  (You are late)

Now put your in place of you’re and it can be annoying and funny at the same time.

There, Their and They’re :

Next up? It’s There, Their and They’re. Often interchanged at places by plenty of people with hilarious, annoying outcomes. eg. “Guys, there awesome” , “It’s there house”

There : Refers to or pertains to a place. It’s place specific. Eg. I am going there.

Their : like your, it’s belonging specific. Eg. Their car won’t start, You should go to their house.

They’re : Short form of they are. Eg. They’re going home.

Their and there are confusing enough as it is for some people (I have no clue why) and add on they’re (Some people just don’t know what apostrophe’s are for) and it’s a messy affair altogether.

To, Too and Two :

Next up? To and Too. Where to use which one? Now the trick in here is how you say it. Just like the extra “o” in too, you have to remember how you say it. Too pertains to something excessive or an extra amount of something. To on the other hand is a preposition and is used as a word connector.

Too : Eg. Jimmy’s car runs too fast for me to catch up with with mine. His house is too far away from here.

To : To be or not to be. (in front of a verb), Go to school (prep)

Now I seem like an English teacher right now, but the incorrect usage of these words, irks me and I know most of you would know the difference and the usage but If you don’t? this should help hopefully. I think there can general confusion at times and so it’s natural to err at times, but either ways. You should be able to get it right now. Sorry if I came across too harsh, but If it helps someone? It’s worth it. Have a nice day 😀



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