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Stelena Rant!

It seems like everything good around me is falling apart, including Stelena now. It’s been a tough week for me and I wish I could change some of the things or influence some of the things that happened. Either ways, I’ll not deviate too much from the topic and talk about what I should : Stelena.

This episode was heartbreaking. And not just because Stefan and Elena broke up. They’ve broken up before. But this was the first time I really felt like they have been completely out of sync with each other. Stefan feels unworthy and Elena doesn’t have the wherewithal to correct him. Or she feels that she’s not worthy and can never be the girl he loves when she doesn’t understand that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that she’s a vampire. He cares that she is unhappy. He cares that she doesn’t trust him. He cares that she won’t depend on him. He cares that she doesn’t think that he will always put her and her needs (Including but not limited  to the needs of her family and friends) first.

I gotta say that I’m still discombobulated from her frustration that Stefan didn’t protect Jeremy. How did he not protect Jeremy? His gunshot was on Elena for jumping too quick. That was not on Stefan. But in any case, Stefan jumps to get him, throws him over a table and saves his life. What the hell is there to not understand? He protected Jeremy–just like he ALWAYS does.

But she trusts Da—nevermind. NO. Nevermind.

And while I despise Klaus with the heat of a thousand suns, I gotta say bravo to him for telling her that she should have trusted Stefan and that he was doing good things for her. Like I said last week: when he teamed up with Klaus in the past it was to save his brother’s life. Stefan doesn’t team up with Klaus unless it’s a dire situation. And clearly it was F***ING DIRE. 

So, I am disconcerted because at the moment that Klaus tells her this instead of her standing corrected and making a mental note to talk this out with Stefan she immediately starts on the “what else is he hiding” thing. And that just baffles me because would Stefan ever do anything to hurt her or her family when he’s in his good mind? HELL NO. 

And frankly: I am so confused because like I said last week, when has he EVER given her reason and cause to believe that. This isn’t honestly about Damon. I think for Damon, he did the best he could with what few fucking scruples he has. This has nothing to do with him.

This has everything to do with a very concrete misunderstanding of who these two are and who they expect each other to be. Stefan believes that the only version of himself Elena will love is the good one (that he desperately clings to and bless him for making that choice every single goddamn day); meanwhile, Elena believes that the only version of herself Stefan will love is the girl who almost died when her car went off a bridge.

How do they not see that they are made for each other? How do they not see that THEY MIRROR EACH OTHER SO MUCH. They are both literally afraid that they are not good enough for each other. And oh my God, that’s why this is heartbreaking

And here’s why it’s worse: because like I said last season–there will be no one else for Stefan. No one. There will be no other woman. There will be no other person for him because Elena is it. And she will never know how much she needs him because she will never lose him–even if he gives up his claim to her. And that is a shame.

Oh my god did you see his face when he looks at her on that step?! Did you see the way his heartbreak was in his eyes? And the ways he looked on the verge of tears? Did you see how she knew it was coming but when he told her “he couldn’t do it anymore” how she looked at him like he just took her oxygen? This was too much. And if it were in a direction I could live with I might manage it but this is so a) out of the blue and b) so unlike them that I feel bitter.

Again, this isn’t about Delena. This is about how these two characters went from having the best intended to be healthy relationship to the place where they hide from each other andI don’t know how to feel about that. Stefan KNOWS Elena, he always has and he knows this ISN’T her. She’s crumbling and he can see it. He’s lied but he’s done ALL that just to save her because this ISN’T her. It never will be and she’s a wreck. It’s just sad how it is and how she feels this way. Her feelings for Damon magnify, intensify but her feeling’s for Stefan don’t? I’m just speechless….

P.S : I still care about you and always will. I may act like I don’t care but my feelings have never changed and never will. I’ve been harsh but I was trying too fool myself. I miss you ..


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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

27 responses to “Stelena Rant!

  1. you are such a drama queen! was that last part a personal message to Stefan? 😉

    • Nickerson

      Haha, Shushh. You won’t see it like how I do, Delena shipper 😛
      Well, Ignore the last bit. It’s for MY Elena 😉
      How’re you home btw Meggsy?

      • meggsy 😦 sure just tell the world my name….
        home… actually im here with Antara right now 🙂 we were both laughing at your mental break down over Stelena… DELENA FTW FTW.

      • Nickerson

        *unfollows you two* 😛
        Or as she would say : Smh -.-
        lol. I hate you guys. It’s SERIOUS okay? Delena shippers -.- Pffft.
        P.S –> This kind of love? never goes away too easily 😉

      • do i need to remind you about a little chat Elena had with Matt…. “once you fall in love with someone i dont know if you can ever shake them”. DELENA DEstiny. btw he was tlking about damon not stefan….

  2. Wackadoodle! ⋅

    Ahem look darling, Stelena are terrible and Delena are great friends with benefits 😀
    And I don’t think awesomenatalie’s happy with you -.-

    • Nickerson

      HOW are they terrible? Kindly let me know, sweetheart. I’d love to know 😛 As for Damon? He’s just…No. Nvm -.- I don’t like this double teaming you know 😀 I..I…I’ll get you two.

  3. Wackadoodle! ⋅

    And you don’t hate me, I know that

      • I should explain!!!! I’m friends with Antara!!!
        p.s. I don’t really like Delna as a couple either!!! sssh 🙂

      • Nickerson

        I know youuu 😀 haha. Yaaaaay. I just hate delenaaa. I mean fine, they are alright at times but Stelena is the real deal. I got another Stelena shipper for me 😉

      • I’m not a Stelena shipper….. I just meant that Delena should be friends with benefits!!! I like Klaroline but I think Stefan should just find someone else!!!! Sorry!!!!!

      • Nickerson

        Whaaaaaaaat-? noooooo. Damn, you girls. Friends with Benefits? Pffft 😛 Oh well, I guess it’s an attractive proposition seeing Damon go at it, lol. But yea, I find Stelena a better, more compatible package. Actual Chemistry. Delena’s sex is well, pretty awesome. But yea, still!! Haha.
        I didn’t know you saw the show too 😀

      • I watch it sometimes!!!!!! Also I don’t think Damon is fit; he just have cute eyes!!!! btw you totally wanna see Elena at it!!!!!

      • Nickerson

        Well. Umm, yea. Kinda 😛 But hey, it’d be better with Stefan -.-

      • Seriously???? Mr boring and safe himself???? Please,Damon is WAY better than Stefan and you just HAVE TO ACCEPT IT!!!!!!

      • Nickerson

        Stefan is GOOD and safe. He’s not rash, he’s impulsive unlike Damon. It looks thrilling, but Damon ends up screwing things up half the time. People die around him. Like it or not, Stefan’s the rational one and he’ll always do what’s best for her. Geez, women and their thrill seeking ways -.- Smh (lol. Antara’s gonna kill me)

      • NO STEFAN IS NOT SAFE,HE’S BORING!!!!! You seem to be confusing the two. Damon is safe with Elena because he loves her more than anything else in the world! Bitch,just accept it DAMON IS BETTER! For everyone,not just Elena.P.S. don’t hate on me,just cause I like some fun in my life!!!!

      • Nickerson

        Haha. I’ll always disagree and so will you. So let’s drop this. Shall we? I think it’s fun though we’re opinionated. If it wasn’t? Life would be boring and sucky 😛 It’s that blend of having two stark characters that makes it that more fun and interesting. Hence the shipping’s 😀 I don’t hate you, lol. Relax 😛

      • Totally agree but Please don’t stop arguring with Megan-it’s kinda funny!!!!! is there any other t.v. shows you like???? p.s. I don’t hate you too (partying) but that’s cause I don’t hate anyone!!!

      • Nickerson

        Haha. Well, Mainly three shows. HIMYM, Ghost Adventures and The Big Bang Theory. Rest are sporadic and I havent had a full fledge flow. Started with awkward, lately. What about you? Oh ofcourse you guys are gonna like the fights between me and Megan. lol. I can sense it you guys! Haha

      • OMG I LOVE HIMYM AND TBBT TOO!!!!! My favourite characters are Raj and Barney;they are just so awesome!!!! Are you watching the new series of TBBT??????? What do you think?????? P.S. Anatara said you’re gay!!!!

      • Nickerson

        Now you shall die. Muhuhuhahaha.
        Jk, jk. I love Raj toooo. Sheldon ofcourse and then there’s Barney. I have a few pending TBBT episodes on the cards which I’ll catch up on in due time (I like when they stack up a bit)
        P.S – I KEEEL you

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