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Getting Detached

So what exactly happens when one out of the two in a relationship just, stops feeling the same way like he/she used to and detaches completely? Or well partially. I think most of the time, being honest is the correct thing to do but how do you cope up with it? Brace yourself to the fact that it’s no more and the only reason you’d wake up everyday and smile to, is gone. How do you come to terms with the fact that what you felt so strongly, can not be felt again , because the other person has just moved on or well, has stopped loving you like you do.

I was reading about one such incident about this female blogger who told how her boyfriend was out of town for a couple of weeks now and that, due to the distance, she’s falling out and doesn’t feel the same way about him. He’s clueless about the fact that she’s probably have second thoughts about the relationship. He keeps trying, he keeps texting, he keeps waiting for a reply. For an E-mail, a text. A whatsapp, a kik message maybe but it never comes. Now I think even though it’s harsh? You need to let people know how you feel and even if you DO love that person and can’t be with him/her? you have to let them go or let them know.

Now a lot of it is based on Stelena and a bit maybe on personal experiences but I was trying to put myself into someone else’s shoes and try to see how it feels and what you’d wanna do, what you can do. I think it’s really hard though and mentally, you don’t want to give up. Especially when it’s not in your nature to give up on something or to come to terms with the reality at hand. It’s hard but it’s gotta be done and more often than not? You have to take a stand than feel sorry about yourself. Now I know it can be easy to form inside your head but when it’s time to execute it? People crumble.

I don’t think it’s an easy job and you will crumble at first. Music helps but music can put you off too, from the road to recovery. So can any song that once reminded you of that person. Funny things happen though. I needed a few distractions this week for different reasons but all the usual sources I looked forward to for distraction? Made it worse. Be it a show or a game or a party. So it’s been an interesting week and super hectic as well.

I think it’s a personal battle though and depends from person to person. What positives you can take out and what state of mind you are in. For me? I’d just want to lay low and do the things I love to do. Watch movies, stay out the whole day with my friends or just sit and game. Perfect for a guy. If you wanna shut down? go sleep. Trust me guys, works like a treat 😛 Either ways , confrontation is important because you HAVE to know where the relationship stands. You can’t cling onto love that isn’t there and the fact that the other person just doesn’t want it or just doesn’t want to make an effort. Moving on? just as important as the first step.

Have a nice week guys! 😀


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