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It’s Diwali!!

It’s Diwali night today, which means Firecrackers, Fireworks, Sparklers and what not. Now before I begin on what Diwali is, you should go check out my earlier post – Dussehra which will give you a backdrop on the festival. Now Diwali Originates in India and it’s called the Festival of Lights. Now it’s not only Diwali night that is bright, but the whole week leading up to it. Shops are covered in lights, you have houses covered in lights or candles and It’s just a bright occasion all around. You get special shopping sale’s everywhere, Special Festive offers and it gets pretty chaotic in the evenings. BUT, It looks amazing because most houses are lit up, decorated and it makes for a great scene.

Happi Diwali

Now It’s called the Festival of Lights for a reason because the lights not only make for a great viewing but they also symbolize the supremacy and consequence of brightness over darkness, good over evil , truth over falsity. So it does have a metaphorical reference. As for the legends sake, It was first Celebrate when Ram and Sita came back home to Ayodha, People lit earthen lamps (called diyas) to welcome them home and ever since, it’s been around. Initally it consisted of people lighting these earthen lamps and lights but not with the commercialization, you do have fireworks and firecrackers and mini-bombs to celebrate and create a ruckus.

I used to celebrate it with the firecrackers but I’ve stopped that bit. I think we cause a lot of pollution on just one day alone, let alone the whole year around and I try to make an effort to make sure I don’t pollute much. Now you may think what difference is one day going to make? The thing is, everyone. Each and every individual thinks the same thing. “What difference can one person and one day make” and so pretty much everyone goes through with it and at the end of the night, you have a sky that’s full of smoke particles, floating all around.

It’s still a pretty fun Festival all around. People light up candles at churches, at temples, meet loved ones , burst crackers together, drink and have a fun time. Not just today, but the whole week ends up being a treat. You get people coming over with Diwali gifts (that’s a social norm almost. Wish people and give gifts) so you get plenty of chocolates stacked up, maybe dry fruits and cookies and all sorts of goodies. All in all, it’s been a fun week, a fun day and I can still hear the fireworks go off, non stop. I know a lot of you don’t celebrate it or know about it, but a Happy Diwali nonetheless 😀

India On Diwali. Pretty right??

Peace out.


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9 responses to “It’s Diwali!!

  1. Happy Diwali 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying it. There will fireworks starting in about an hour at the temple and they always put on a great show over here. My only complaint is I wish it wasn’t 5°c outside! Haha

  2. This is one of the best holidays on the planet. I personally don’t celebrate it, but… man I wish I did. Bring me next time? Hope you had fun! 😀

  3. Wow… the colors on the map are so so cool!

  4. Wackadoodle! ⋅

    Happyyyy Diwaliiii 😀 Its shoooo pwettyyyy 😀 hope you had looaaaddssss of funn!! Shuper cool mapp!

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