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The Childhood Stupidity Paradigm

I have no Idea why I used the word paradigm but I don’t know, It sounded cool and I just went with it. If you’re particular with words? Pardon me on the usage but look at that, it looks cool 😛

Moving back to the topic. It’s this Phenomenon I’ve witnessed year in and year out. Now you generally don’t tend to realize it, unless there’s a flashback which decides to randomly pop up. Generally, it’s no happy flashback and you tend to remember things you did that were just plain stupid and you got embarrassed real good. Now you look back at that you think “Ughh, I was SUCH a fool” or “How was I even doing that??” which often follows with a rage that is often directed towards your former self.  But guess what? In a couple of years, you look back again at your former self (this time it’s the present-you) and you find new mistakes or stupid moments.


Let’s just say, we make mistakes and do silly, stupid things every year! We look back at them and wonder who stupid and silly we were and we’re happy with our present self right now. But a year on from now when we look back at this present self? we find a fault or find stupid incidents again. Comebacks we should’ve made in an argument. Things we could have done differently. It’s a never-ending process and more often than not, you get mad when you get these flashbacks 😀

Now the second way to realize delve into the stupidity paradigm are picture. Pictures of your childhood. Now I’ve seen pictures of right when I was So little I could cuddle up into someone’s arms to pictures of me graduating school just recently, about a year ago. It’s been a whole list of moments and trends I followed and memories attached to them.

Let’s start with 5 year old me. I wore a cap (mom said I’d never let it go and I’d always carry it around or it’d be on my head) and it was purple! What ever happened to my fashion sense back then? I stand disappointed 5 year old me. Just kidding, but still. I looked decent but maybe not that great. Fast forward to when I was 8 and I had glasses already. I suppose it’s a family thing and I got them. These round, plastic-framed glasses (incase I broke them) and I wore matching clothes back then. I remember dressing up then and thinking “Wow, I look dashing” but now? I look at myself and go, wow. What was I THINKING?!?

Moving on to 12 year old me. Same frame, better clothes. I thought I looked really decent back then. Flashback now, I think I looked horrible (still with an upgraded version of my glasses on)

I bet she thought she looked cool

Then came 15 where I thought I looked pretty decent. Or who am I kidding? I thought I looked my best, in school or in general. Well, I saw my 10th class picture yesterday and I admit, I look WEIRD. So It’s a phenomenon where each passing year, you’re satisfied with the current-you and you don’t like the former you. You’re an upgrade on that. Same for me and I think it’s connected with the maturity level you’re at, each year that goes by. Eight-year old you might find those kids cool , for his maturity but It’s stupid for you maturity level right now. Either ways, I’m still happy how I turned out 😉

So does this happen to you too? Let me know in the comments section 😀

Plus I thought I’d share this song, that’s been stuck in my head lately. The kind of song you’d want to blast to, or maybe dirty dance? 😛 Give it a listen! 😉


About Nickerson

Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

2 responses to “The Childhood Stupidity Paradigm

  1. Upgrade, that line was priceless. I like the now me better than any me ever before. 🙂

  2. I think we all realise at some stage eventually that we aren’t as cool as we originally thought we were 😉
    Lovely post.

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