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Are You A Bully?

I know a lot has been said about bullying and suicide in general over the past couple of weeks. I guess Amanda Todd really affected people in some way or the other in a good way I suppose and I think it’s about time people realize how it’s not a petty issue anymore and how you shouldn’t be getting away with it. I think a lot of us don’t associate ourselves with bullying but funnily enough, we all play a part in it. There’s often not one or a couple of bully, but a crowd that aides and encourages them.

Now you may wonder how do you fall into the being-a-bully or being-a-bully-aider category? To first look into that? You need to understand what goes on in the head of a child that is being bullied and ridiculed at. Is the subject of attention for all the wrong reasons. Picture that, a kid cracks a lame joke on a fat(ish) girl in your class. You find it funny and you laugh at it. Obviously you played no part in what he did right? Wrong. You laughed at it which makes it even worse and the fact that you encouraged that kind of behavior makes it worse. Now we often pay attention to such things. Imagine a kid running down the corridor, he trips and slides across or falls down. You’ll find it hilarious (plenty will) and you’ll end up cracking up. I think there are times when you can and it’s acceptable to laugh. As long as it’s a joke that can be taken in the right spirit or you’re not ridiculing the person.

Generally what happens is that when someone is being made fun of? people tend to laugh at it or just stand there and watch what’s happening, eventually discussing it later on and cracking jokes about it. We’re all insecure in some way or the other and pushing someone down may make some sadistic , demented kid feel better in some way. It’s sad that you’re a part of the scene and yet instead of taking any sort of stand? You generally ignore what happens or just go with it.

It’s a general rule in life that as long as something doesn’t effect you? You won’t look at it seriously. You read about countless car crashes, robberies in the newspaper everyday. We flip pages and move onto something else. However if that happens to YOU. You’ll feel differently. You’d want people to SEE that. To sympathize with you. To Empathize with you and only THEN you will realize that no one cares. Some may show that they do but in general, just like how YOU didn’t care? Neither do they.

Life goes full circle? It really does and We have to be better humans honestly. I know a lot of us can’t take a stand and it’s not in our nature but as long as you don’t put someone down and get fun out of it? Be a sadist? you’re doing your bit in someway because THAT my friends is just as good as bullying.

Be it college where it’s acceptable to be ragged by your seniors or school. It’s all the same. Now I haven’t been bullied as such or that I can remember. Yes you’d have seniors mess with you but I’ve always been in groups and been with groups so you don’t get singled out as such. However for the kids who do prefer to stay alone? Easy targets and they have no one to go to. It KILLS you from within. Now I’m not asking you to be aggressive or take a stance in any way but the least as humans can do is to rediscover the nicer side in us and to actually help someone you see is alone or who isn’t that popular. Be it the fat kid everyone makes fun of or the nerd who’s often ridiculed for being too, well “nerdy”. Maybe even a 5 minute talk , just ask how he’s doing. Talk something about some subject maybe or ask about homework. Anything. As long as you’re there for people? they realize that things are better and they can talk to people. Count to people.

Loneliness is a sad thing and the only thing that’s worse than emptiness is when your heart’s hurt. When you are alone AND hurt. Imagine yourself on stage and you do a blooper. You fumble or you forget something. People are going to give you hell. That there is how so many of the kids who get bullied feel, but worse. Cause it’s a personal thing and it’s constant and relentless. So take a stand next time and do the right thing πŸ˜€

Oh and I found this really soothing song so I thought I’d share. Really nice. Have a nice day *waves*


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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

9 responses to “Are You A Bully?

  1. Nice post as always.
    All of this attention to bullying all of sudden kind of bothers me though, because honestly a lot of the people who were so concerned about Amanda Todd are the same ones who have bullied others. They don’t get it that bullying doesn’t have to be big things like punching someone or calling them names. Purposely excluding someone, laughing at their clothes, those are the little things that can add up.

    • Nickerson

      I know!!!!! People who are concerned about her right now? Probably bully people around anyways. Plus, had she been alive? People wouldn’t have cared less. Infact, she’d still be bullied. The fact that she died makes people go “aww, how sad. Poor girl”. Double standards from people. I swear -.-

  2. A. Nick you’re so amazing. This whole post is spot on. I wish that I could pound it into the minds of all the people who nag and ridicule others, but I can’t. The most we can do is change ourselves. Actually- tomorrow imma follow your advice. I’ll tell you how it goes. πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, the “letter” is me only 33 years later. I still remember the first & last names of the girls & boys that made my school life miserable…only it was not called anything back then. So sad this still happens and in this computer age…so much worse. I agree with you…yes…Let’s do the right thing! Great writing my friend!

    • Nickerson

      I know a lot of us go through it, at some point in life. Obviously now that you have the internet and everything, It’s easier to broadcast it on a bigger level but It’s always been there and I just hope we can do our bit atleast. If someone else is mean to some kid, just go up and talk to him. Make that kid feel better. Works wonders πŸ˜€

  4. Wackadoodle! ⋅

    someone once told me “you either have to be pretty or dead to be noticed”

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