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Waiting For Texts?

We’ve all played the waiting-for-a-text game. Now more often then not? It’s a text from someone you like or really want to talk to or it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now I’m not much of a texter myself but with certain people , I come along and I can text for a really long time. Others? I just end up k(ing) a lot. They get bored and get rid of me. Violah!

So anyways. I know that you know what I’m talking about. That feeling of waiting for a text. It can be amazing but agonisingly painful at the same time. But hey, it’s something you look forward to and it’s sometimes these tiny things in life that make the next moment worth living for. Remember, as long as there’s some sort of a want or a desire or a goal, you’ll come along it and wait for it. Is it just me though? or does time REALLY go super slow when you want to hear from someone or you want that text? I swear, I keep hearing vibrations when there aren’t any (stupid phone -.-) and you end up checking your phone 10 times, regardless.

Then when the text does arrive? You end up smiling like a fool and you don’t know what to type or sometimes you overthink and want to give the best possible reply, right??? Not me. I end up replying the as soon as I get it and I end up typing a load of c#@p. Well, not literally but yea. Again the feeling knowing that the person on the opposite side probably felt the same way is even better. Either ways? I just hope time doesn’t start acting like a jerk and keep me distracted around with other stuff. Never been a huge texter my whole life but I’m starting to come along now and it’s probably certain people who make it pretty awesome and fun (I know you might be reading this) 😛

Anyways, have a nice weekend and have a blast fellow bloggers 😀


About Nickerson

Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

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