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Happy Birthday Ghost Adventures!

Since Halloween is around the corner, I figured I could do a post on something spooky and scary. Which coincides with the 4th Television Birthday/Anniversary of The Ghost Adventures (Exactly 4 years back, we witnessed these amazing guys on tv for the very first time) Now this show is obviously really close to my heart and it IS my favourite paranormal show of any kind. Be it fiction or reality and I’ve been watching them for a couple of years now. Been hooked and trust me, once you start following them or checking out their episodes? you’ll feel the same way. Unless ofcourse you get spooked easily ๐Ÿ˜›

Quite often the evidence they catch is compelling and crystal clear. It stands out and makes your brain go fuzzy. Initially? you don’t WANT to admit that it’s real but it is.Things we don’t often acknowledge or think about too much in general. It’s just not supposed to be a normal thing and it freaks you out. I used to find it really scary but now I’m getting better. It’s more fascinating now (you still do get the chills though) and keeps you hooked on anyways. Amazing how many haunted locations there are in USA alone. Pretty amazing. Ofcourse they’ve done International episodes too (most of them have been REALLY scary) but it’s based more in the States.

Zak, Nick and Aaron in 2008

It’s amazing how they’ve evolved and stuck together through all this time as amazing friends off the show as well. It’s really heartening to see someone enjoy their life like that, after obviously putting yourself at risk and going to some of the most haunted locations around the world. They’ve got leaner, meaner and badder but still just as simple and funny.

For people who don’t watch the show? I suggest you should try it because it’s not your everyday show. It’s on a whole new dimension and it’s got it’s humour too. So if you wish to start? I’ll let you in on a few episodes from the latest season. However you should try Bobby Mackey’s Music World first if you wish to start your adventure from Season 1 (Oh and it’s one of the creepiest episodes too)

The GAC now.

Have fun watching them and if you’re a GAC fan too? I’d love to hear about your favourite episodes. Till then? peace out ๐Ÿ˜€



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