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10 Most Annoying Things About Facebook!

I admit we all love Facebook. Even if we don’t admit it? We still do check it out every now and then, check our notifications. See who went where, check out new pictures. Maybe browse a few fan pages, play poker while you’re at it, catch up with a few friends on chat or just do nothing (you heard that), do nothing and just scroll down aimlessly.

Now I don’t have any qualms about it. It sure is fun and a great way to catch up with people. However Facebook has it’s downside too. The annoying aspect to it which bugs us more often than not. Here are a few things that bug me :

1. Underaged kids : I have no friggin idea how these kids have an account on Facebook but they clearly do. Twelve year olds, Ten year olds with their age changed and set to something over 13 and their display pictures consist of cars and celebrities(What are you? Brad Pitt??) Now these kids have no obvious social life and their main motive is to annoy you with silly game requests and to tag you in STUPID pictures.

The eff is this?!

2. The Depressed Kid : No matter how amazing your friend circle is, there’s always that depressed kid who likes all sorts of sad annoying pages and his/her status updates consist of nothing but dreary, drab, depressing content and how his/her life sucks. (Oh, aren’t you the first!!) You WANT to type something and tell him/her to grow up, but more often than not you think better of it. Logging out seems a more viable option.

3. The Attention-grabber : Now I’m no sexist but I think more females fall into this category than males. Be it status updates to pictures that are just crying out for attention. Even if they aren’t? you’d find them on someone else’s wall or someone else’s photo commenting the nicest shit you’ve heard. This often leads to lengthy conversations between female friends that go nowhere and have a lot of kisses, cute words like honey, sweety and reiterations on how much they love each other.

“OMG, you look amazing. We should catch up honey :* xoxo “   (No she won’t ever catch up and she probably doesn’t mean the compliment)

4. The Let’s-Tag-Everbody dude : This person LOVES tagging people. Be it a picture you don’t even feature in to a picture where you look awful. Now If I wanted a tag? I’d do it myself, wouldn’t I? You don’t HAVE to. Then there are pictures where you don’t even feature but they randomly tag you in. WTH? Why’re you tagging me in a pic of your new car? What am I supposed to do?? Annoying.

5. Gaming Kids : These people have no life and are keen to destroy yours as well. They’ll send you requests upon requests to play games or send them a friggin flower pot for their farm, or a gun in Mafia Wars. Ofcourse it’s handy for people who actually do but for people who don’t play? It’s really annoying.

6. The Kid-Who-Shares-his-life-story : From updates to where he is right now to updates on what is going on. “I’m doing my homework.” “I failed my test. FML ”  As a matter of fact, yes. FYL. They feel it’s their duty to update everything. Including their relationship history. From being in a relationship one week to “It’s-complicated” the other to being back in one the next. What are you? Bi-polar??!

You don’t have  to change it ever so often or display it to the public anyways.

7. The Timeline : I preferred the much simpler Facebook profile version we had say a year back. The timeline and it’s zigzagging pattern with it’s not so great coverage of content makes it almost redundant for me.

8. Random Friend Requests : We have no mutual friends. How the hell did you find me?! Why DO you want to add me? We’ve never talked and you live like 75675 miles away from me. Creepy.

9. Confused Parents : You know it. Parents on FB or relatives for that matter. They’ll do silly thing, spy on you and just make it really tough for you to navigate around in peace. You have to often limit certain parts of your profile to certain relatives and you can’t really kick them out of your list either. There should be an upper age limit. Seriously.

10. Annoying smileys : The latest addition to all things annoying. Smileys in comments. Now they’re everywhere and they aren’t exactly cute either. no I don’t want a smiley in my comment. A regular smile would have sufficed Mr Zuckerberg.

So that’s that. Some of the things that annoy me. You got any more to add? 😀


About Nickerson

Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

4 responses to “10 Most Annoying Things About Facebook!

  1. Ms. Almost ⋅

    How about all the “this person liked a photo” or all the other spammish crud that shows up on your feed? I seriously have to pull up my friends profiles just to see what they’re actually doing. Rather than sort through the last 100 pictures they liked.

    • Nickerson

      I agree, the likes bit can be annoying because more often than not? We don’t care what they like -.- quite annoying. Plus the random spam junk from pages you’ve liked. Quite a mess 😛

  2. I don’t do FB but, it was fun reading what you shared.

  3. Sanah

    Haha. Every point is shockingly true. Social networks do more harm than good and our dear old facebook is more addictive than snorting coke hence I de-activated my account month ago.

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