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Deja Vu

Been a typical weekend so far. It was lazy initially. I slept super late. Woke up early for some odd reason. Had my lunch and breakfast. Brief study period and I fell asleep again. Woke up in the around 4 and had to study again. Went out in the evening for a while and that’s when this moment happened. A Deja Vu moment and it just made me think how little we know about it. Infact till I was about 10 or 12. I didn’t even know what it was called and I used to think it was just me who had those moments. Felt weird but obviously as you grow older, you learn more. My cousin sister and I would often share such moments , whenever we had them. Sadly, I’m still not sure how or why they actually occur.

For those who don’t know what a Deja Vu moment is? Deja Vu is French and literally means “already seen”. Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all. Say, for example, you are traveling to England for the first time. You are touring a cathedral, and suddenly it seems as if you have been in that very spot before. Or maybe you are having dinner with a group of friends, discussing some current political topic, and you have the feeling that you’ve already experienced this very thing — same friends, same dinner, same topic.

Now I bet you’ve all felt that before and had it happen before. Now it obviously made me try and recall all my moments and even though I can’t remember many (I obviously forget a lot) I don’t think there have been any that are really profound or stand out. However it did make me google it though and just get a little insight out for myself. Now technically? Many psychoanalysts attribute déjà vu to simple fantasy or wish fulfillment, while some psychiatrists ascribe it to a mismatching in the brain that causes the brain to mistake the present for the past.  Now it becomes more profound, the experience if you suffere from a temporal-lobe epilepsy that is. Now we all know most of us don’t. So what MAKES it happen?

Again , a lot of the parapyschologists around think it’s related to your past and ofcourse, seems a valid thing considering that’s what the core of the feeling is: something that you’ve done before. It funnily reminds you of all those movies where the actor goes back in time or alters it or gets a chance to head into the future to alter it. Something like the Butterfly Effect. Now this obviously doesn’t quite work that way but the idea is fascinating nonetheless 😀

Another theory I’ve heard from a friend is on Parallel universe’s and it’s somehow an interdimensional connection and you experience or get the imprints of similiar experiences you might have lived somewhere else. Seems far-fetched to me but again, you get all sorts of theories running around. Now another one could be where you see a building in your dream and coincidentally you come across  that building in real life. So at that moment , you will experience the Deja Vu. Another interesting option is where your brain catches up on a previous thought you left behind. We are continuously thinking and there are times when you forget about something and get engrossed in something else. You try to recall what you were doing or what you were supposed to do but can’t. Now in the future course if you come across that task or thing, you may experience a Deja Vu. Considering you left it incomplete and it was a part of your subconscious.

I’ll let you in on a few user accounts and experience from people and let you choose what to make of it 😀

1. “More like your subconscious storing the images, confusing your conscious mind when the images are seen again. Like trying to save the same file twice on your computer. Deja vu would be like your computer asking to replace or rename the file, but you can’t recall saving the file the first time. “

2. “In the case of deja vu it is  a possibilty that we are neither looking into the past or present but for that minute we are in a limbo, where future and past overlap. I also know that I have dreamed my deja vu’s, and in many spiritual belief systems they say that a deja vu is a sign that you are on your right path in life”  (Never dreamt of Deja Vu moments so not sure what to make of that)

3. “In my déjá vu on the second repeat of the same incident I shouted stop and disrupted the event and told the two other people it was happening. Then I told them what they would say in turn. That interruption cause consternation and disbelief. However I had broken the déjá vu. “

4. “I remember one time when I had deja vu… I was at my grandmas house and my cousins, aunt and uncle were visiting. My oldest cousin asked my aunt for the hair straightener, and then I knew exactly what my aunt was going to say. She said “buried…in my car.” and while she said that, I said the same thing and explained to them how I was having deja vu and knew exactly what was going to happen. Deja vu is so weird but so amazing too. ”  (This one could again be on a more subconscious note. People say certain things and certain words they like to repeat. Could be your mind playing tricks, making you live that moment again through those words in your head)

5. “I understand the scientific theory about deja vu, but it does not really explain too many things. I have had the experience of knowing ahead of time what will happen. I have also had the experience of knowing – and stating aloud to others – what is around the next corner when I should not know. It seems perfectly natural while it is happening, even while my mind is thinking how strange it is.”

Honestly? the more I read into people? the more confusing it gets. Not to mention how freaky it can be, if your degree of experience is higher of different than a normal one. Either ways? I’ll never quite understand what or how it happens. Let’s just say science has the explanation. I’d love to hear your take on it though 😀

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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

8 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. It’s indeed complex. I shall ponder this a tad more and come back and share my thoughts with you.

  2. ah man!!! I was wondering why you never responded to my comment regarding karma. My comment never registered. dang it! I found a really wild quote on Karma explaining the persons take on it. I’m gong to try to see if I can find it again and share it with you, if I can’t find the actual quote i will come back and share what I remember of it without trying to mess up the message. Be right back!!

  3. OMGosh! I can’t find it. NO WONDER WHY!!! I was looking for Karma and I was suppose to be looking for Deja Vu…OHHH my goodness. okay, I shall be back…I should be able to find it now…DUH!!!!

  4. as Charlie Brown would say…”ughhhhh!” I can’t find it. So this is what my memory can relay. It’s like playing a video game and you keep going and beating all the levels and them at some point when you have lost your last man…it’s end game and then of course it starts all over again & again & again Deja Vu….okay, this totally rots, the actual quote was so cleaver and cool. sorry I did not make sure my comment stuck. 😦

    • Nickerson

      Haha , It happens. I can understand. Don’t be sad 😀 I read a similiar kind, where it said that it was more like a game , but you come back to the last saved checkpoint and that’s when the Deja vu occurs and you continue on in the game, with continuity. SO many possibilities. It really is an amazing thing 😀

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