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School Memories

*knock knock*



Yes , you there. I’m talking to you. Listen up real close. I want you to close your eyes. Think about your school. Your class. You in your class, with your friends around you. With you. I want you to picture a happy memory, a funny memory or just anything that left an impact and you can’t let go of- from school.

I saw that. Still reading huh? Weren’t your eyes supposed to be closed? CHEATER!!! 😛  I kid.

Did it make you smile though? just thinking about it? Your school? Your class? Your friends? I bet it won’t work for a lot of people. Then again, it’s expected. School is not something we’re grown up to love. Infact, most of us want reasons NOT to go to school. Avoid studying. Avoid all the homework. Avoid waking up early. It was all pretty annoying I’ll admit. Now to put things into perspective and make it more clearer. I’ll take you back in time.

Now every year in school, we used to have this transition day. A day where the pass-outs would get to say goodbye. You’d have new appointments. New prefects and speeches and last goodbyes from the ones who were passing out. Graduating out. Ofcourse you got a farewell party as well but this was more on the lines of passing the guard on? To the next batch of prefects. I remember how the whole senior school attended it. From grade 6th to grade 12th. Everyone was there and you’d have us packed up in our school hall, sitting on chairs and lapping it all up. Taking in the whole occasion. Now me and my friends were never great listeners. Or so, never for things like these. We’d often be busy talking about stuff that could be completely random or something really fun. But yes, we never really paid much attention and we never gave it the due importance. At times when we DID pay attention? it was pretty funny. Speeches from students passing out and how they’d SO miss the school food, studying (bleh), miss the teachers, miss everything around. How it was a second “home” to them and just stuff on that lines. Stuff that made us wonder. We’d often laugh, go- ” I’m definately not gonna be doing that. I mean come on. You are graduating. Finally leaving school. BE HAPPY. Plus who’d miss school? the food? the annoying teachers?”. Year after year, my thoughts never changed. Don’t get me wrong. I loved school. To the extent that I found some great friends there. I would get to meet my friends there everyday. Plus we had some amazing times. Grew up together almost (a lot of them were with me right from the start) so it’s been a journey. As for school? I was never really attached with IT. I’d often want to take an off every other week. Not study. Not wake up early. The homeworks and the stress.

We were sly though. We often planned it out. My whole group (group of friends) used to take a holiday on a fixed day. We’d discuss it and go “alright. Let’s not come tomorrow”. That ways, we’d know we’re not missin out on anything at school. Fast forward a bit and we were in our final year of school. It was the best year I had in school. It was also supposed to be the toughest, but that thought never dampened our spirits or the thought that we’d all be going our seperate ways after that. We were pretty cheerful. Infact we always were. We did some crazy things that year (a long list 😛 ) and it was an amazing journey. Balancing studies and the joy of doing what we did. We DID study too ofcourse. None of us were bad at it. Infact we all got good grades. We’d be up there. But we knew how to balance it frankly? that’s what school is alla bout. Sure you’re meant to study but it’s all about having some fun too. These years are never coming back. Neither is your childhood. Plus it makes for great stories to tell your grandchildren (i’m getting a little too ahead of myself , aren’t I ? 😛 )

It was a fun year overall though. Then came the farewell party. We all suited up and girls got to dress more stylishly. Show off what they had been hiding (the nerdy ones atleast). Again a day we didn’t feel sad at all. It was all games and fun and we had a blast. I remember seeing a few girls cry here and there. Fast forward to the last day of school. Again- no emotions. We were sad in a way, but not overly sad. I remember walking out of the gate that day and we saw a few girls crying at the school gate. We laughed and joked about it. We were like “puh-leez. Crying over it? It’s just school”

Looking back now? I think what I felt back then and how convinced I was about the fact that I’ll never miss school? turned out to be wrong.

College is fun too, but It can’t match that feeling. Or the friends or the fun I had. That class. Those teachers. I miss going to school. I miss walking that corridor heading to my class. I miss my desk. I miss that ground where we played football. I miss all the stupid things we did. Things that can never come back. Sure we still meet up. All of us friends and we hang out. But it’s not the same. We’d grown so accustomed to sitting in class, doing what we did that it just felt alien out in the real world. It was fun, but different.

Nostalgia really does hit you hard. Hits you like a brick and you can’t do a thing about it. It’s funny how we don’t value things when we have it or have them. I sure didn’t value school much back then. I’m still glad though. Glad for the memories and the times we lived. We sure made it fun and made it a ride worth remembering.

So for anyone who’s still at school? I know it may sound crazy and you may not believe me? but live it. ENJOY it. You’ll study a lot in life. Do a lot of jobs in life but this? it’s never coming back. Keep smiling and value each day for what it is 😀

Signing out with the song they played on my farewell. Adios 😀


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