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Are You The Rule Or The Exception?

Life’s a rollercoaster. We’re all clear about that bit. You’re going to have your fair share of ups and downs. Now sure, certain people will disagree and tell you that they’re probably coming off worse and that their “down” or the bad phase just doesn’t seem to end. Trust me, it will. Nothing’s static in life and people change. Circumstances change and there are numerous outcomes to just a single decision you take. Infact, there’s a different outcome for SO many of the decisions you take and they don’t just affect you, they affect a multitude of people interconnected. Friends of Friends, their friends and relationships can be pretty dependent in some odd way (It may sound crazy, but yes) 😀

We all want someone in life for us though. Someone who listens to us, someone who shares our joy and pain. Someone we can look forward to talking with. Someone who makes you smile even if it’s just a 5 minute talk. We all look for that someone in life. It’s a constant process and even if you don’t admit it? subconsciously, we all do. We’re all looking for that one. That person who makes you feel secure and good about yourself. If you already have a crush? you look forward to him/her. You look forward to talking to them again and it may seem like ages when you wait for a reply back. You hear their name and you smile. Their favourite song or any song related to both of you? makes you smile. We’re all looking for that feeling. That’s just how we are. Even when we aren’t? When we don’t have a crush? We’ll look for him or her subconsciously. Be it a cute guy sitting opposite to you at the cafe. The cute girl smiling at you at the bus stop or that sweet guy in class who you never seem to get to talk to. For some? they have their “special one” chosen. For others? it’s just a subconscious hunt. I repeat, everyone does that whether you realise it or not. No Exceptions.

” So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit, he genuinely doesn’t give a shit. No exceptions. “

Now people broadly come under two categories when they look for that someone. Either you’re the dreamer, the one who sees signs. Every little sign at that or the one who takes it slow and tries to avoid attachments until he or she wants it or is ready. They wait for you but make a choice only when they want to. Category one ? pretty cheerful in general. A lot of guys fall into this category but if you have yourself a girl in this category? she’s a gem. Most girls don’t make half as much effort and it’s just assumed or it’s the unwritten rule. The Golden rule. Guys make the first move and guys call you. I’d love to shoot the person who made that rule. I wish it wasn’t the case and girls would give it a try too. Having said that, people who fall into the first category be it a guy or a girl (albeit a rare combo) would call you. Plus they believe in signs.  “He said it was nice talking to me” , or “He kept smiling at me in school” or “she called me over to her party and not many school guys are invited”. Now it may be a sign or it may not be one.

We just want to believe they are and that’s where the eternal optimist shines through. The thought of it being a signal that he likes you or she likes you, makes you happy and makes you smile. Category don’t try half as hard and definately don’t believe in signs. They don’t get overly attached and when they DO get signs? they tend to overlook it or ignore it. Exceptions are available. In general though, they’ll make an effort only when they think it’s right or they find it comforting. Otherwise you’d find them nice but not moving up a level or making an effort.

People in the category 2 barely reply back to your texts or take ages. They’ll be nice to you, but never move up a notch. Show interest. Agree to go out on a date or a movie. Even if they do like you? they’ll try to make themselves believe they don’t and act at their own pace. Act when they’re ready. I think every relationship’s got one of each. The one who always initiates things and the other who does feel the same way about you but may not express it just as much or know HOW to express it. Group 1 tries to see the positive side. “Alright, he didn’t call me. Why not??? maybe he had work or he lost my number…or he must be sick. Yea” .. Or? He just didn’t want to call.

” Now If a person in group two wants to make things work. He/she WILL make it work. No exceptions. If they cheat on you? they genuinely don’t care about you. If they don’t make an effort? they don’t want you. That’s the rule. The exception? when they realise what they’ve lost out on and they make amends. Change”

So what category do YOU fall into? Do you notice the signs? do you believe that special someone can be read through how he/she behaves and acts? or you wait for things to happen? Are you the rule? Or the exception? 😀

P.S –> Happy Birthday StupidlyAwesome 🙂






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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

4 responses to “Are You The Rule Or The Exception?

  1. I used to always initiate everything with guys, but I’m honestly at the point where I want a guy to come to me instead of vice versa. It’s not that I go for the whole “the guy does all the work” stereotype, it’s just that I think the kind of guy I’d like to date is the kind that would go out of his way to know me.
    Great post, it’s all so true.

    • Nickerson

      Yea. I’m still all for the guy making the move bit. As long as girls help you know? give signs and everything? now that’s crucial or you end up looking like a fool 😀 Either ways best of luck and thanks for le visit 🙂

  2. You, my friend are indeed wise for your years. Happy to finally be able to visit your page.

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