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What A Weekend!

It’s been a pretty cool weekend so far and right when it’s about to end? I can just look back at it and smile. Life’s pretty unpredictable. From a weekend where nothing goes your way to a weekend where everything I touched? turned to gold.

Started off with Football ofcourse and the weekend’s clashes. We had Manchester United, away at Old Trafford. A place where we hadn’t won for 23, long years. 23 seasons of dissapointment and I’ve seen us go there everytime with a belief that we could do it. A belief that this was our day of reckoning. This would be our glory moment. We’ve taken one goal , two goal leads before only to be hit back by goals or a dubious decision or a penalty that just wasn’t. Thankfully? It all changed this time around. We DOMINATED them, first half and at 2-0? You’d think we’re in the driver’s seat. Sure enough. We were and we were playing some of the best football we had played all season. But the second half starts and United did what they do so well , hit back with a goal. In a span of 3 minutes, there were 3 goals involved. First them scoring, us scoring back again right in the next minute to go 3-1 up and they scored right back again in the very next minute. It was frantic, it was nerve-wracking, it was heart-in-your-mouth kind of stuff, it was I-can’t-look-at-the-tv kind of stuff, It was Tottenham Hotspur. My heart was pounding. I’d seen it happen ever so often. See that lead slip and end up losing right at the jaws of victory.

Where a previous Spurs side would have faltered, this side showed immense grit and determination to repel wave after wave of attacks from United and hang in there. Defend for their lives (Quite literally) and throw bodies every now and then , putting it on the line for the greater good. The greater cause. It was agony, watching us hang in there. It was nervy. But instinctively, I could sense us holding on. It just felt right this time around. Felt good. Sure enough , we stuck in there and the emotions at the final whistle were Indescribable. It was relief and joy I hadn’t experienced. A joy I had been waiting for, for so long. I know it may sound stupid and silly. Such emotions for just a stupid game? No, it wasn’t any ordinary match. The occasion meant something to us and after 23 long years? the jinx was broken. I did a few cartwheels (I kid) , ran around screaming, jumped a lot and and ran around the house. Called a few friends after that who supported United and gave them a piece of my mind 😀 (The usual banter)

Loved how the players stayed back to applaud the Travelling fans.

All in all? it was a special moment and it made me smile. It made my day alright.

Moving on, we drank and ate a bit and soon enough, it was 12am. Dad’s Birthday. Wished him and we cut this mini cake at night, celebrating it all. Today? Celebrations again. Went out for Lunch considering we were all free and it’s a Sunday. The whole dinner plan got scrapped cause there was Cricket at night. India Vs Pakistan. Now for those who don’t know an India-Pakistan rivalry is? It’s pretty intense. Things can get pretty heated. It’s like a Derby. You just can’t lose. You’re not allowed to. Again, I’m not big on Cricket but I love high intensity games and since it’s the World Cup on? You don’t miss them. Still ordered plenty of things from here and there and it WAS a celebration. From choco lava cakes to chicken wings and dips.

So who wins? As my luck would go. India THRASHED Pakistan. Won pretty easily. Chased a target of about 130 and got there in no time. Capping of a near perfect week. When things go your way? everything falls into place and it’s just been one of those weeks. I’m still smiling as I type this article. I doubt anything would dampen my spirit or my smile right now…..oh wait…I see something. I see it….I see MONDAY 😛

Haha , have a nice week up ahead. Keep smiling fellow awesome bloggers 🙂


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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

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  1. Wackadoodle! ⋅

    hahahaha well done to spursss!! 😀 and also India haha

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