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I See Dead People..

I’m just kidding. I really don’t. I was watching The Sixth Sense a few hours back and It’s been a movie I’ve put off for a while , for some reason or the other. I’m glad I finally saw it today and it WAS amazing. M. Night Shyamalan? Take a bow. I can easily say Signs and this are his greatest works yet. Even though I haven’t seen all his movies so far? I’m presuming safely though. What however the movie touches on is the fact that this kid can see dead people and spirits walking around and they even talk to him.

It was a psychological thriller alright! Gave me the kick and sure kept me guessing. What it also had , just like what most psychological thrillers do is that it had a deeper meaning attached to it. The kinds you understand better on a second viewing and a topic that people haven’t really thought of much. If I’ve spoilt your viewing experience? I apologise 😛

However for me , it’s something that’s actually out there. There’ll be some odd kid or person who CAN see spirits or communicate with them. If not see them visually? feel their presence and here , we’re talking about anything from a Psychic to a medium. Believe it or not , it’s a gift for some and they’re just born with it. Now I know most people won’t believe in the whole spirits thing and how these so called mediums can “see” them or tell exactly what happened in a house years back just by focusing on the said surroundings. Now I’m not a an avid believer of most of them , but however there are certain individuals who are genuinely gifted and have this in them. People who DO realise and know how to handle it can be fine but those who don’t? It’s almost a spiritual handicap. A handicap that you can’t really describe and no one’s going to believe you or help you. Imagine you being able to feel the presence of someone in the room but you know no one else around you will and can’t. No one else around you believes it when you tell them. It’s a scary prospect.

You ever feel the prickly things on the back of your neck? And the tiny hairs on your arm, you know when they stand up? That’s them. When they get mad… it gets cold – Cole Sear

The other aspect is how if spirits exist , they exist because they’re trapped and left behind due to some unexpected cause. Hence? to help them get “through” and make sure they eventually cease to exist altogether? I believe these people with such special talents are born who can feel them or even see them around. To help them and to guide them through. Everyone’s there for a reason and everyone’s got a specific goal in life.

You know how they say , follow your dreams? Do what you’re good at? Now we all know how we barely follow that rule and we get into jobs that pay well , instead of something that actually drives us on and gives us joy. I believe everyone’s good at something and everyone’s got a special talent. It’s all connected and it all fits. If spirits exist? these so called “Special people” exist to communicate with them and help them through. It all fits. They have no business seeing things others can’t. So why can they? Funny right?

For all we know , they could be around you. Watching you read this. Think about it 🙂

P.S –> Watch the movie for all those who haven’t. Trust me , you’ll be amazed.


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4 responses to “I See Dead People..

  1. This is deeper than Honey Boo Boo’s Mama’s stomach. Excellent post, man. In a general overview of this topic, I agree with you. I find spirits, and the idea of spirits, to be so interesting. If you think about it… If spirits did exist, and watched us, or any couple of us in particular, then our lives would literally be like TV shows. All the hilarious comments I’ve made under my breath wouldn’t have gone to waste! Any who, keep your spirits up (pun very much intended) and farewell!


  2. wackadoodle! ⋅

    Awesome!!! 😀 guess who told you to watch it??
    btw, now that you’ve made a blog? better way for me to stalk and annoy you more! thihihihihi 😛
    but yeah, awesome post

    • Nickerson

      You and annoy me? Never. Hey , not fair. I was the stalker :O Don’t take my rights away D:
      That’s plain mean.
      Umm , Idk. Some…dorky girl suggested me. She’s really silly but yes , her choice rocks 😀

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