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Annoying Kids And Parents!

I love kids , no two ways about it. But then again , I can be selective and it depends on how well mannered the kid is or how he/she responds. I get along really well with most of them even and my mom tells me how I was the always the protective one , taking care of my younger brother when they’d leave us alone or when I’d take him out to the park. She was telling me how you’d often find younger kids getting along really well with me even when I was say 10. I’d be protective and just really nice to them ( I don’t recall any of it , but I guess it could’ve been the case). Moving on , I guess I’m still the same to an extent , except when there are certain cases where the child just deserves it.

Let’s start off with overly caring mothers. Mothers who just can’t see their child cry. Sure , it sounds sweet in a way but you need to toughen up a bit in all honesty. I’ve seen kids as young as eight carry i-phones. Three year olds crying because they want a new frock (YES , it’s actually happening. Kids that young getting so picky about what they carry and what they wear). I remember not knowing a thing about what clothes I had on when I was a child. All I cared about was Cartoon Network and my friends and just having a good time (let’s face it. That’s awesome). Just the other day , I came across a Five year old kid who wanted to play this silly computer game and his mom eventually made me put it up for him. She insisted I should put up a shooting game and so I did. Then sheΒ  just stands there and boasts on how her child is just 5 and already knows how to play games on the computer. The kid didnt do much , but kept on clicking and moving his character around. Oh and shooting a lot. The character carried a gun so everytime the kid would click? the character would shoot. Fast forward and the mother gets busy talking to my mom. I let the kid play for a bit (obviously keeping an eye out on him) and then I asked the kid to get up because I wanted to browse something on the internet. The kid gets up and starts crying. Rushes to his mother and brings her back into my room. Nope. Instead of taking the child away , she blames me and asks me why he’s crying.

“Errr , Aunty? I wanted to do some work on the net so I need to use this for a bit”

She : “But he’s crying. Can’t you let him play till the time we leave” ?

Me : I..butΒ  *fake grin* sure πŸ™‚Β Β Β  (I wanted to stab her and the child)

She left the kid with me again and I eventually had to put the game on again. I did my fair share of teasing though. Going “I’m gonna quit the game” to the child’s face and he would start crying. It was fun πŸ˜€

So that’s your category number 1 folks. The overly protective mother. The mother who won’t take a stance and tell her child to toughen up. Let the kid cry. But just give the child everything he asks for. The root cause of spoilt brats growing up.

Moving on. Another type I’ve seen are the kids who wreak havoc in public or just weep wherever they can. (I’ve done my research and I was a good boy. I rarely cried) πŸ˜€Β  Just the other week I was out at the mall for a movie and we came across two epic kids. One during the actual viewing of the movie and one while we had our lunch at this restaurant at the same mall. Now during the movie , this kid starts crying for some reason and the mother makes no effort to make him stop. She let’s in few “sshhh” here and there but not much effort in all honesty. It was distracting and really hard to focus on the movie when you have a cranky kid next to you during a movie. I mean why bring it to a movie anyways??? After half an hour of agonising torture at the hands of the kid , she finally took him out and I felt better πŸ˜€

The second child? really similiar. Didn’t get a happy meal toy he wanted and throws a few tantrums. Then he starts running around the restaurant , dropping by to a few tables and disturbing anyone and everyone. The mother? sits there happily waving at people and smiling at them and just let’s her child do his thing. Seriously woman? aren’t you going to stop your child?

Next up? children who aren’t quite taught the right manners. I bet you’ve seen this odd child here or there who isn’t quite the sweetest or most polite the way he/she talks and might even swear. What do the parents do? they start laughing every time their child says something rude or even swears. “Awww , so cute. Hahaha” . No. It’s not cute. Your child is friggin five. He needs to learn manners and he needs to learn that the way he’s talking isn’t right. The more you laugh? the more you encourage it. Sadly some parents don’t get it and these kids think they own the house. They own the place and they have utter disrespect for anyone older. Be it cousins or be it a relative .
Been bumping into the nasty ones lately. Hope my luck improves.

P.S —> Happy Weekend πŸ˜‰


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