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Ghost Adventures Is Back!!!

It’s been a long , long wait for all Ghost Adventures fans to watch the boys back in action with their night vision cameras in some dreary , demented place , locked up trying to catch some sort of  paranormal evidence. Last season was different. Interesting in a way but had a lot more input in the form of guests coming in to accompany them during a lockdown and which in my opinion , reduced the level of activity to a certain extent. The fans were crying out loud for the GAC to get back to their roots , get back to a simple lockdown with no guests and not much razzle-dazzle either and The Central Unit Prison was just that. I know I’m kinda late , considering it aired on Friday but I was just too lazy and too caught up to post (my apologies) , but hey! plenty more of these coming up in the next few weeks , every Friday 😀

Located in Sugarland , Texas. The Central Unit Prison was shut down just over 6 months ago and The GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew) were the first paranormal (and probably the last) group to examine this place , but the twist was that they had no one to accompany them or guide them on a tour around the prison. No stories or hotspots were told and hence it became a sort of a blind lockdown. They had no personal accounts by any of the workers or inmates there , had no clue where and if someone had died there or not and it just added to the whole uncertainty and feel to the Location.

Zak , Nick and Aaron.

What also added to the amount of evidence they collected was the fact that the Government had ordered everyone connected to The CU Prison to not let go of any records OR let the Ghost Adventures in on any information. Add to that , no one was allowed on the grounds or the site ever since it was shut down. A Civil offence if they do. Hence , the whole aura of the location and the fact that no one’s been in there for a while just spurred on the activity later on. Seeing these guys inside , trying to communicate with them , taunting them? – beacon for activity.

For anyone who loves a chill? this episode is a must watch and for all those Non-Ghost Adventure followers? you probably need a look in. won’t tell you too much as to what happens but it sure was interesting.

Here’s the episode link if anyone’s interested 😀 Have a good one.

P.S –> My favourite team/club (Tottenham Hotspur) won during the weekend in Football. So yea , ended on a high. Perfect way to start the week up ahead 😀


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