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The Games We Played In Our Head

Growing up was fun. Childhood is something we all crave now that we’ve grown up ever so fast. I obviously miss the amount of freedom I had and how carefree we were , the amount of things we could do and how the World was one big playground that had a hidden game in just about anything. šŸ˜€

Starting with school , My bus stop came last (yes , I’m not even kidding. DEAD last) and I literally had to wait right until the end , watch every kid dropped off and then reach home. Took me a good half an hour – Forty Five minutes and so I’d often try passing time. Initially? talk to the kids around me , those fair few friends that’d go in my bus but as the numbers declined? I would eventually resign and end up staring out of the window. That’s when I came up with this game. An Imaginary man , running besides me and running along to wherever the bus went. I’d keep my hand besides me and almost make my hand hop (which meant the imaginary fella hopped outside) and I’d often make him jump over obstacles like trees and poles to name a few. Except? my imaginary fella was destructive and he liked , wrecking havoc? So I’d often make him jump on people (obviously in my head) , smash through car windows while running , attacking people and basically causing carnage. Occasionally he’d powerup and get guns and grenades , which added to the fun and so this fella kept me busy. A few months back? my friend shared a similiar experience and I was startled , I’m not the only one who did that. People ACTUALLY did do the same thing , albeit their imaginary friends would do different functions like avoid trees or , avoid touching the ground.

I STILL play it sometimes , on a long train ride or journey and my little guy’s just as mean as ever.

Moving on? My bus would often reach school early , compared to the rest of the buses my friends came in. Walking towards your class inside a near empty school would be an ordeal , considering you’d have to wait a bit , wait for the students to slowly fill up in class and eventually , school to start. So I’d often walk real slow and try not going to class. Just hang around school. During that time? I’d walk in a particular manner. Avoid the edges of the tiles I was walking in or the path. I’d call it the Path Game. If there were square tiles? I’d pace myself in such a way that I’d keep one foot in one tile and then the other foot in the next tile and so forth. You HAD to avoid stepping on the lines in between the tiles almost as if they had some sort of current running through them. Walk in a particular manner and fit either 1 step or 2 steps inside tiles before moving onto the next tile , depending on the path. Funnily enough , I’d actually consciously change my walking rhythm just to accomodate my foot in that particular tile. Weird huh? But in some odd way , fun.

Come back home and I had this other game invented just to impress my younger brother because he was bored and wanted something to play. So I kept a few cushions on the floor , spaced out , leading to the couch and then a mini rug next to the couch and almost made a track. Rule was? you had to step on the cushions , the couch or anything in the way and complete that course. Can’t step on the floor or you die – LAVA. I’d often time him. Tell him to complete 1-2 laps in a particular time and he’d go hopping from couch to couch. Even boat around using the rug. The LAVA game. Any of you did that? possibly šŸ˜€

Something like this?

Some were just made up , others? you had no control over , like the path game. You would just instinctively avoid the edges , the lines. Another one? would be how you’d be walking , find a can/stone lying in the way and you’d start kicking it. Then you make sure you kick the stone with you as you walk and carry it along , kicking it while going about your route. Why oh why do we do it? no clue.

Others included walking and balacing yourself on a thin pipe/path pretending to be some sort of a trapeze artist. If you lose your balance and touch the ground? you die. So balancing your way through.

Let me know if any of you did the same and if yea? How would you play it? Any other games you would play in your head? šŸ˜› All in all , they kept us ticking and kept us enchanted with the World around us. Fun šŸ˜€


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Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

2 responses to “The Games We Played In Our Head

  1. wackadoodle! ⋅

    hahahaha if someone didn’t do this as a kid, they’ve never really lived. existed? yes. but not LIVED
    Awesome post dude!! šŸ˜‰

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