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Sleep? – Y U NO Come???

That moment when you know you should be sleeping , you HAVE to get up early , yet you just end up doing 10 other things and when you wake up in the morning? you regret it. Can’t sleep right now for some odd reason or probably it’s just someone who keeps popping up? šŸ˜› Yea , could be that. I love how my brain decides to start thinking about stuff that happened during the day , a new idea or about someone , right when you want to sleep and HAVE to sleep. Seriously brain? Why would you even do that?!

It’s a sly little thing for sure , but I bet that happens to a lot of people. Waking up , feeling sleepy and then eventually making an excuse not to go to school/work/college because you wanna catch up on sleep and then sometimes feeling guilty afterwards for taking an off JUST to sleep? (kidding , I’d totally take an off šŸ˜‰ )

Anyways , I should try and sleep soon , so adios fellow awesomies. Have fun šŸ˜€

Oh and sleep tight šŸ˜‰


About Nickerson

Nineteen. Unpredictable , yet someone who you can bank on. I can be really eccentric at times and other times , a calming influence. Always smiling and I believe in living life , not moaning about what should or shouldnt've happened. Crazy , yet subtle. All In all , someone you'd wanna know probably? Take a shot :D

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