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Backstreet’s Back Alright!

Yea , as the title suggests. I’m talking about the Backstreet Boys here 😀 and for some reason if you don’t know who they are? Then your whole life has been a lie or you’re probably 10 and One Direction is THE best band of all times (Seriously!) . Anyways moving onto what I was going to highlight here and I promise you , I assure you. I won’t drift off topic again (or well , atleast try to)

So for all those who don’t know? The Backstreet Boys were formed in 1993 (a long time ago right? ) and had 5 members in Howie D , Kevin Richardson , Brian Littrel , AJ Mclean and finally , Nicky Carter. Released their debut album in 1998 and from then on? There was no stopping them. Hit after hit and ofcourse , Millenium (2000) went Platinum which is again , something REALLY huge and just had every radio , I-pod , Mp3 player hooked onto their music and kids singing along. Then came Never Gone in 2005 after which Kevin left due to personal reasons , mainly how he wanted to spend more time with the family and that left us with just 4 members. Two more albums came along though (Nope , they just won’t stop) in Unbreakable and There’s Us. Finally on their London tour? They made a SPECIAL announcement. Something that was really really huge and monumental for any BSB fan. Yepp , that’s right. KEVIN IS BACK! 😀

They’re 5 again and coming back with a new album in January I guess? Or February. But ever since they got back? you could just see the love these guys shared and how they are still the best of buddies , even after 19 long years in the business (no , I’m not stalking them. They’d post a pic every day on their Official Facebook Page) and it made you almost nostalgic. Then they finally appeared back together on Good Morning America and it was AMAZING to say the least. How these guys can still charm millions of fans and how a generation grew up with them. Mothers who are 40 singing to them , their children along and just anyone who followed them back then , still remembering the lyrics and singing along. No , they may not be as high profile anymore as say a One Direction? Or any flashy new band , but they’re there and they’re there for their fans. 2013 and it’ll be their 20 year anniversary. 20 years of blissful music , songs that made a sense too and actually touched you deep inside. I’m almost 20 now and so in a way? I’ve grown up with them , grown up listening to them and when you see all your past memories go away? all your favourite cartoons dissapear off  T.V? your old toys get lost or broken? Something that has been a constant are the BSB , making you smile and taking you back to those happy days where you were carefree and just crazy 😀

Yepp , nostalgia sucks. Blehh , KTBSPA (Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive)

Oh and here’s a sneak peek of what they did at Good Morning America!


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